Finding missing objects with pendulum

Hello Everyone,
Finding missing objects or getting a clue about where your missing object with your pendulum is possible,
For example;
Dear Pendulum is my missing bracalet inside the house?
You can ask your question and start to wander among the rooms,
If your missing bracelet is in your bedroom then your pendulum will react.

You should ask specific questions in order to get exact answers.

You can draw your house ( or someone else’s house) in a specific way to find missing objects, all you need to to is let your pendulum give you a direct answer.

If you have another questions about how to use your pendulum I will try to answer.

If I make mistake
Please let me know
Informations have been translated by me .


That sounds right! Hope it works for you! I never had luck with the pendulum. It’s very easy to influence it with your wants and desires resulting in the wrong answer.

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We have a connection between with mine,
If you have a good connection it gives you right answers.
But not aways the true one though :roll_eyes:

I have never tried a pendulum, hopefully soon,
but I have use dowsing rods for finding lost items.

You could try invoking this angelic force before dowsing: The Angel of Lost Things. :cherry_blossom:

Pendulums can be very accurate, you just need to practice at every opportunity, and try dowsing on the emotion (for example, “Will I regret doing this?”) instead of yes/no answers, I’ve found that helps with accuracy on major questions. :smiley:


No doubt that emotions effect pendulum :upside_down_face: i will work with angel of lost things today hopefully she will help me finding me missing tarot deck. :roll_eyes:

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