Finding it Impossible to not lust for results

I’m in the same boat I’ve had work done to get this guy and till now nothing,new work done and not seeing results is killing me it’s impossible not to lust to see results or to doubt

How long has it been since you did the ritual? Did you set a timeline?

I do something similar. My lust for results turns into visualizations.

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This is a very good idea. How long do you visualize?

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Yea, not to bash magicians that offer “ritual for hire”. I’m sure they are able to get results for their clients, but actually doing the work for yourself seems to be the best option. Performing “Magic” is not particularly complicated once you have a solid grasp of the mind states.

Months now but she has me do different things This new thing she had me add to the honey jar I’ve had for awhile now was Monday last week which I’m supposed to let sit for 14 days but overall nothing ,I’ve done work before going on 2 yrs now it’s just money lost,I don’t know anymore.

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I think maybe you should start doing your own rituals. I too wanted someone more experience to help, but outside of the scammers out here, I’m not sure how well someone can channel my energy for my own situation. Some posters recently said to turn your lust into visualizations. That is helping me a little, when I start to over think about my ex or feel sad, I turn it into my ex doing what my goal was is in my petition and a event leading up to it. Like I’ll invision her thinking about me and wanting to text me. Maybe that will help you.

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Perhaps this may also be helpful.

I’ve done some stuff on my own and :woman_shrugging:t4: Don’t know what else I can do I even bought that book that was recommended from this forum and called on a few of the demons and got nothing from them

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Some of you are saying that the ritual made by yourself is stronger, and I agree, but I was in a real awful mental state. Also, this magician works with Goetia, and I have no experience with this kind of magic/evocation, and she had really good feedbacks working with that.


I’m trying to focus my attention in other things, but I started to think If I destablize him emotionally it could turn down his defenses. It is what I’m trying right now.

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@victor-von-jagger hey so amazing to hear that!! Could you give me the name of that wiccan lady?

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Since I started to break his emotional wall, I’m finding some behaviour changes. I’m playing dirty with him, but I think it’s working. I’ll come back in a few days.

So, I didn’t reach my final result yet, but I’m noticing some little changes that keep me confident. He said he loves me. We’re spending a lot of time together.


Happy for you! Keep us all updated!

she isnt with us anymore. she was a lady friend i met when i lived in glastonbury many years ago. she died about 10 years back sorry x

Well guys, I know it’s have been a while since the last update. The last 2 weeks I was really unhopeful about this and I just gave up, I wasn’t even expecting a result anymore. So I stopped contacting him slowly, and blocked him. After 2 days he tried to talk to me and asked if we could see each other. I accepted, and when we met I said that I didn’t want this anymore and I was ready to move on if he wanted to. He just said he wasn’t pretending to be a couple with me, we were already a couple.

I was surprised but not convicend. So, this weekend I came to his house and he said to everyone, his family and friends, that we were back together.

That was my result. It only worked when I finally let it go.


Congratulations … how were u playing dirty with him.btw. ?