Finding it Impossible to not lust for results

It’s been a week that a magician is doing magic with daemons for me to have my ex back. But I’m finding really Impossible to not obsess about the results. We are at the same class in college, so I see him every fucking day and it’s driving me insane looking for changes, and I know this is messing up all the work.

Really don’t know what to do.

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What works for me, is to have faith in that the outcome will be the best for me, regardless of what I desire


I use to think that way too, or think I already have what I desire, I just need to be patient for the results manifest. But it’s really hard when you see the target every day and he seems just the same.

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The idea of having someone more experienced doing love magic seems interesting. I know absolutely no one that does this kind of work lol.

On the subject I find it hard too. I’ve done plenty of meditation styled rituals where I can’t just keep my mind off whether it will work or not and have doubts It always randomly pops in my mind whether or not this spell will work. I’m officially summoning Sallos tomorrow. I have my plan in motion after reading on how to do the ritual. After wise I’m going to try my hardest to pretend my ex doesn’t exist and go about my day though I know it will be hard

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The point is that your desire doesn’t matter

Maybe date someone else or something while u wait for results. I don’t think obsessing over what you want is gonna help your situation. Visualizing and manifesting helps but not obsession

Well honestly what works for me is just to live your life , do your things and live your life otherwise it won’t happen also remember that the outcome might or might not happen the way you want it, forcing people to feel something they don’t is not always possible my best advice is to let it go :man_shrugging:t2: it didn’t work because it wasn’t mean to work and something cant be changed even with magic.

then let your lust for results feed your manifestation of the results, you don’t have to follow the sheep mentality that lusting for results is a bad thing, that’s literally just a state of mind and self detriment. I lust for results and my lust for results is what feeds my manifestations.


So is lust for result only an issue when you feel it as, I’m so depressed / angry it hasn’t happened yet , but when you feel excited its good right

In my opinion it’s an excuse, but it can also be something you manifest yourself, you’re told so many times lusting for results is bad, then of course it’ll be bad. However, that lusting for results can help you if directed in such a manner. Manifestation when bareboned is literally just lusting for results.

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You just have to get really really busy with work that requires all your attention. I’m usually so busy with my work and side projects, I consider myself really lucky when I have a bit of time to sit for a while and just browse the web. It’s not hard at all to forget about the results under such circumstances, I always do, no matter the nature or power of desire. You MUST learn to concentrate when needed, but also forget everything as well. Try it, it really is that simple and it definitely works all the time.

Did my ritual earlier now I’m finding it hard myself, to not think about her or the results. Even when I place my mind other places, I feel emotional about the whole thing… I really ruined something good, so the regret makes it all the worse. I’m trying not to think about it

Quite a few years ago i had a wiccan lady friend do a powerful ritual for me to bring my ex back into my life. it did take six months but she did phone me up out of the blue and more or less begged me could we get back together again.? but by that time id moved on and met somone else and i wasnt interested anymore. so sometimes it takes time. good luck


Why did you reply this to me? :thinking:

Edit to add: This is the first time I read about a Wiccan doing something powerful, but if something so little took so long it might not have been that powerful

I think part of the reason for your “lust for result”, is because you didn’t get rid of the desire via ritual. Regarding hiring someone, you may get results. However in my opinion (and that of a more experienced friend of mine) the most powerful rituals are those you do for yourself. The reason being that nobody cares about you to the same extent that you do!

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oops sorry…i was replying to the OP im new on this site and havent got a proper handle on using the forum yet.? please do accept my apologies. i think the reason why it took so long is because she was actualy in a relationship with another guy and totaly forgot about me. in hindsight i should of just accepted the situation and moved on. to be honest i dont know if the spell worked or not…? but she did contact me months later and asked me to go back to her as she had split up with her boyfriend. but id gotten over her by then. anyway she is happily married and has a lovely family and im very happy for her. but as i said i dont know if it was the wiccan spell or not.?

@victor-von-jagger Well if she called you months later I believe the ritual did work, maybe just not in the way you anticipated? I’m trying to leave my situation with my ex out of my head too. Trusting that Sallos heard my petition.

Totally agree. You should exhaust your desire during the ritual to such extent that it just can’t bother you anymore. That’s why your own rituals should be usually the most powerful ones.

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That would be the best course of action to take. let the spell and the universe do its work. and hopefuly that you get the right results.?

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That’s what I’m reading and generally speaking, it make sense to just find other stuff to think about. I did meditation once and my ex Unblocked me even though the convo didn’t go the way I anticipated. I’m struggling, too. The thoughts constantly pop in my head of different kinds of doubt but I read stories of situations just as bad as mine, and people were able to get back their exes. Be a believer. I know how hard it is. I’m currently not working now and looking for new work within my job field. So I have a lot of time on my hands for now, and that’s never good after a breakup. I’m not busy enough to keep my mind off it. Just got to find things to do and believe the universe will handle things. @victor-von-jagger