Finding demon servitor

I was curious of other practitioners experience with this. I have been trying to find out the name of my demon servitor sent by Lucifer. Every Sunrise and Sunset I am to say the pray to Lucifer and then…listen. However, I find it hard to blank my mind. Is learning how to get to the Theta-gamma sync imperative to Listen better? To bring out greater focus? Are there other areas of discipline (Divination, Evocation, etc…) that I should be proficient in before I can expect to hear the sounds I need to hear to form/discover the name of my servitor guide?
I do have trouble getting into a Theta-gamma sync, with focus in general. Also has anyone ever said the wrong name when making that first connection. Maybe you already had a name in your head or wanted the servitor to be a specific demon, so now that’s all you hear? If it is the wrong name, does anything happen, besides maybe unintentionally insulting ones actual demon servitor guide? Thank you all for your time :slight_smile:

If you want to learn how to focus, learn how to meditate. Just focus on your breathing at first. When you notice that your mind is drifting, just calmly bring your attention back to your breath.

Good advice right there. I just told a friend this also but every time u get to a trance like state of inner quietness, push it further. This will help u reach theta sync and also help u develop a deep trance. And if u call the wrong name u may call a different demon entirely. A well rounded magickal background is always good as you will need to open your third eye chakra to be able to develop extrasensory abilities such as hearing seeing and sensing an entity.

Okay dokey, then my focus, shall be on meditating and well, focusing. Thank you all for advice, I really appreciate.

Ok, you are to pray & listen every sunrise + sunset. For some of us, sunset falls while we’re working or otherwise trying to make a living. So how strict should one consider this ‘rule’ to be?

Okay. :slight_smile:

However, I find it hard to blank my mind. Is learning how to get to the Theta-gamma sync imperative to Listen better? To bring out greater focus? Are there other areas of discipline (Divination, Evocation, etc...) that I should be proficient in before I can expect to hear the sounds I need to hear to form/discover the name of my servitor guide?

I see a lot of conditional factors stacking themselves up here - when you can attain perfect TGS, when you can do divination, evocation, etcetera… be careful there, because you’re granting power only to a Future Perfect You and therefore taking it away from the real you right now! :slight_smile:

We look back at the reliable and reputable methods that taught us to read and write, tayght us the sciences and arts, which came in stages and grades, and we think magick might be like that - first you do A, then you do B, then C will certainly happen.

But you ALREADY have everything you need to reach out and acquire a name, of however many syllables, so try busting the (natural, undestandable) insecurity by asking this in a different way: “If I knew the name of my servitor, what would it be? What would it sound a bit like?”

Let that uncertainty in a bit by using IF to remove the “pass/fail” mentality that works in exams and job applications, but which can be kind of a mind-lock in magick.

Also, ask the spirit to send you a confirmation when you do feel you have a name - suppose you thought it’s name might be Justin (silly example), then you’ll be looking to overhear what sounds like that randomly mentioned on the radio, or car number plates like “JU5T 1NH” and so on… you get the idea.

Let the spirit reach out to you and place its name in your awareness, and then when you think you have it, ask it for this as confirmation, “In a form I can see and understand”.

From the Evocation of Lucifer video, starting around 44:20:

I never once said, that attaining all power is easy.

But it is doable, if you do the work.

Repeat this (a prayer to acquire the name of the servitor Lucifer gave the people this ritual was done for) morning, when the sun is rising, in the evening when the sun is setting, letting the rays of Lucifer’s light wash over you.

Do this until you receive the name; the key will be in the silence, and in the trust - if you cannot trust yourself, no demon will ever trust you enough to work with you, to speak to you, and to give you their secret knowledge. Trust yourself.

What Eva said makes a lot of sense.

May I add a personal experience, which may serve as an example of a way to achieve a result?

At some point last year, I felt a need to get in touch with my guardian angel - and then I actually DID manage to get a name. Here’s how it went down - feel free to try the same if you feel like it:

This took place during a monastic vacation that I made in Sweden. The convent that I was staying at, was/is situated at the edge of a natural reserve, so I made it a habit to walk into the wilderness every day after lunch. For the first couple of days or so, I’d settle with practicing the Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram. Then, as I started feeling ready, I decided it was time ‘to get on with it’.

So one afternoon I went ‘out there’. Sat for a moment to gather my thoughts and get into the proper mood etc. Then the LBPR. After it was done, I sat in apprx the center of the circle, emptied my mind and then spoke something like this: “I seek contact with my guardian angel. My Guardian Angel - come to me. And when you come, do so in a manner so that I can perceive your presence”.

After having spoken this, I sat in silence. Breathing nose ind - mouth out, keeping my mind still, eyes closed - other senses open.

Then, behind my eyelids I sensed a movement. Like a cloth of silk or something moving - almost as if someone had just arrived. Still with my eyes closed, I ‘felt out’ to see if I could sense someone there. As I felt almost confident I wasn’t alone, I continued by saying “Hi, my name is XX and I am pleased to see you. What’s your name?”. And the name came to me immediately - even before I ‘made it to the questionmark’, if you know what I mean.

btw - I may be a beginner at many things, but I know this: if its for real, the answer will be delivered instantly - because if you allow too much time to pass, your subconcious/fantasy/whatever will take over - and then you can’t trust a thing. Or at least I don’t :slight_smile:

Even though its not exactly a guardian angel you’re calling out to, I’m pretty sure the method is useful for your purpose as well.

I apologize in advance if anyone feels that I’ve been trying to steal the thread or something, but this is not my intention at all. I was trying to show you a different method - and, if I may say so, also a rather simple one at that :slight_smile:

With regards to keeping the mind still… well, some days it works and some days it doesn’t. But perhaps setting a specific time of day and move slowly (LBPR for a cpl of days, before ‘moving in for the kill’) might help. If you can’t handle five steps, then practice one. Then two. Then…(etc). Be nice to yourself.

Awesome advice Lady Eva and Khayman. Super motivating! I shall definitely try these new methods and not be so strict thinking I needed the Step A, B, C, etc… done first. Awesome, Awesome :smiley:

NP mate :slight_smile:

Actually, relaxing the mind can be the biggest challenge sometimes. I have that problem too, and its a bitch! In the example I mentioned above, I succeeded after having spent the better part of two weeks staying in convents and basically following a monastic lifestyle. For your information, the monastic lifestyle is perfectly tailormade for a spiritual life.

You may not be able to do this - or for that matter feel drawn towards spending time in a monastic environment. Each to his own. But the trick to calming your mind, is calming your body. You’ll also need to de-stress yourself.

Allow yourself a number of days with nothing to do - no plans, no work, no schedule. Sleep. Rest. Hang out at Starbucks, study people absentmindedly. Just relax. Stay away from friends or family - just YOU.

Then, if your mind decides to start racing for a day or so - LET IT! Because it probably needs racing - so allow it. Then, after a couple of days or so - or more or less, whatever is right for you for you, you’ll feel your body relaxed and your mind under somewhat more control. Then you can start working with step 1, step 2 etc.

Relaxation and destressing is the key - so find relaxation and destressing in your life.

In case you’re still working on this: I was just browsing thru the Mastering Divination course and was wondering: Have you considered using a Ouija-board?

I heard that using an Ouija board, more often than not, has you communicating with anything as anything will try to gain passage from the gateway you open. But I have never tried. I heard even if you ask for a specific spirit, demon, angel, etc… that something will just pretend it is what you want it to be. I don’t know if anyone else has any tactics or ways of setting up for this so that I could get the correct demon I am looking for. But I heard it was mostly unreliable.

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