Finding books by spirts help

Hi,is any book,spirt to invoqe,chant,etc,tp find/ get a book,? I mean old book,out of print,or personal grimoire? Im tding chant a demon name,also i knw some geimoire say tat.but the koeetings way? Any ideas, not spellbegin

There are some spirits listed in grimoires that can procure books. I don’t remember which ones though.

Try asking Thoth/Dhjuty, he has an interest in all areas of knowledge.

We only know so much about him today because of the rediscovery of Egyptian lore and the methods used to interpret their writings, that were lost for centuries until the Rosetta stone was found and its significance comprehended, so this might be something he would be especially sympathetic towards.

I actually discussed this very topic with a magician last night, speaking of the Abramelin square that finds books that were either destroyed by benevolent spirits or the machinations of evil spirits.

My theory is that since the books are no longer in existence the only way of getting the information from spirit would be for lack of a better term a download of gnosis as the mailman can’t exactly drop a nonexistent book off on your doorstep. This depending on both your level of understanding and how comfortable you are receiving this information could be a blessing or a curse.

You could do some operation to enter the Akashic Records (Living Library, whatever you want to call it), and it would pretty available there. However, if you can do that, you can pretty much get whatever knowledge you want at that point.

I was thinking about maybe making a ‘given book egregore’ with sigil and everything, just to be presented to the mind in the form of an entity that teaches everything contained in the given book.

My real question would be, would that entity really present the knowledge actually contained in a lost book, or would it be your unconscious filling in the blanks kind of like you may experience in some dreams/the astral?

I’m going to test this - I got WoD & Evoking Eternity as gifts for Easter, haven’t read EE yet (haven’t even gone past the cover) so I’ll try that and see what happens.

I believe everything has a spirit, esp. grimoires and books about magick, so I’ll see what happens and post up if I get any responses from the egregore that then tie in with the book.


That’s awesome! What method will you use for making the egregore, if you don’t mind telling? I’m still searching out a good method for myself.

What I’ll do, is probably next Weds (I won’t be able before then) structure it on my evocation base, an agate slice I use in place of a triangle, and give that egregore a degree of verbal capacity. That should work quite well because I know how EA speaks and I’m reading WoD through right now, so I should be able to give that some authenticity, and I’ve seen plenty of talking books in cartoons and stuff so I can easily format it after that design. I don’t want to accidentally evoke the author!

Then I’ll ask it some pre-arranged questions, need to work out what those will be (probably along the lines of, what do you have to say about how I can change X specific situation in my life? What recurring theme will you present me with? What one thing will you say that I most disagree with? and so on) and then post what results, if any, I get.

I’m pretty good with psychometry (reading objects) but I’pve never done anything like this before. I think the questions approach is best, but if anyone has anything better, please PM me, and I’ll start a new thread for it in the forum for the Complete Works. I don’t care if it falls flat on its arse because it should be fun, and being the “book whisperer” isn’t a self-concept I’m excessively attached to!! lol

We could have even more, and more objectively verifibale, fun: name a grimoire someone else has, and then try to evoke it, and ask the owner if the perceptions are correct?

PS: sorry I didn’t really answer “how” I was going to do it, the method I use is to strongly IMAGINE the egregore based on an existing template, and then just strongly intend for it to have a degree of life, which is then fed by attention - this one won’t be needed for longer than maybe a half hour, so it should be simple to make. I’ll use a seven-pointed star within it to tie it into the real-world book, and then visualise that linking across so the egregore is connected to the real book.


No, that’s actually an awesome answer, thanks. And I’d definitely prefer to have objective verification of accuracy on known book before, say, trying to browse the Library of Alexandria.

Rather than, you know, the Library of Alexandria According to St. Claidheam.

Im back,tere is certain books of this guy .in paper,but peopls wnt let go.easyli.he pass away not long, i ask ,in forums,i chanting a demon name,now.i tnk the book of horudus,may have one spirit.i reemailing peolz again.but i was curios about the koetting ways,:). Otherwise i may pay? A sorcerer,magician,to help me,yes tere are books,but willing to part is awfu.i may write some letters to some companys,and see if tey can put me on touch,.i ley ya knw,any results.


Sorry i have a reputacion here,ask around my enghlisg sucksplzzz,be xpecific,

Is this the actual book you are looking for? I’m not being rude :slight_smile: just double-checking it’s spelled correctly and everything.

Not.its the grimoire of pope ,ho,smtnhing?. ?


There’s “The Sworn Book Of Honorius” as well: [url=][/url]

We getting any warmer, Zorrito? :slight_smile:

The only grims I know of with Pope in the title are Honorius and Leo III.

The Enchiridion of Pope Leo III is the second half of Crossed Keys by Michael Cecchetelli and can be picked up from Scarlet Imprint in paperback everyday of the week.

The Grimoire of Pope Honorius can be had on amazon for less than $30

I’m beginning to wonder if this isn’t another communication breakdown.

Use the incantation/ceremony presented in Aradia, Gospel of the Witches if you pay adoration to Diana.