Finding A Succubus

A while ago I used to have incubuses and succubusses just show up. I never had to summon them, they would come to me out of nowhere. They never even wanted to have sex very often, they would just come to hang out :joy:

Anyway, there was this one succubus who would come every day, stay for a while, and then leave. She did that for about 6 months, and never came back again. I tried making some petitions to Lilith to bring back that succubus, but she sends me a different succubus every time.

What to do now? Should I make a sigil to bring her back? Accept the fact that she’s gone now and wait for her to come back on her own?

And an unrelated question, Can succubusses and incubuses die???

She sounds like a true lover,you missed an opportunity I guess.I would suggest evoking Lilith and asking about this situation.The other questions,its better to have an expert to answer them.

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