Finding a roommate that will accept my practices

So as the title says, im trying to work on moving out of the place i am currently staying at and im wanting to do some demon work to manifest someone that needs a roommate, and opportunity for me to move in with the person. like to work with a demon to bring me a person that needs a roommate so i can finally move. I could also use some help financially to be able to pay my rent. I am currently working a 9-5 and not making much at all. I know this may need to have layered work done but how should i go about this? And wich demons to call on?

If you want a roommate ideally you need separate bedrooms and to have the place you do magick being slightly out of the way (as opposed to being in the center of the living room let’s say).

even if the roommate is accepting of your practices even to the point where they want to participate they may still want a place to retreat to where the engines from your magick aren’t hanging around in as a place for them to chill out relax or sleep in. So keep that in mind.

maybe you could find more then 1 roommate and the group of you could rent a house? is that a possibility?

Having more then 1 roommate? There’s way more out of the way spaces in a house to do magick in then an apartment is why I mention maybe multiple roommates sharing a whole house might be worth considering if it’s available and affordable,

Anyway keep in mind that whoever you find may have days they want to chill out without being in the presence of magickal energies residual or otherwise s while seeking both the place and person or persons.

As a side note note, if you go somewhere and every room in their place has a cross/crucifix in it odds are their not gonna be pro magick whether their.potential landlords or roommates just something to bear in mind (even them wearing a cross necklace should make you aware of the possibility the person’s not gonna be magick friendly so be observant of your environment when roommate/apartment hunting hmm.

Keep those things in minded when you do magick to get yourself a roomie/new-place ok?

Ad on edit note: suppose a house rented for 2000 and you had 4 people each ones rent them would be 500 per (not counting utilities) so if there’s enough rooms and people a house could be a good option. Even cheaper if more then 4 people were sharing (like say it was a 5 bedroom house not 4 or if you had 2 couples sharing in a couple bedrooms and you and someone else singly in the others then that’s he divided by 6. Anyhow you get my point.

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