Finding a house to start Palo Mayombe path

Can anyone offer help in being directed to a house to hopefully start my path in Mayombe?

I found allot in Mexico, I worked with one who is not catholic and based on more traditional Yoruba and cuban ritual houses, the real deal (the works), huge caldron and house, members world wide who have houses linked to him,

there I is an actual market you can ask as well in Mexico City, they will want to know if you had any experience, contact or godfather in Santaria etc, but if you did not they will assume you want ritual work to finish off someone into black magick or a Santaria etc etc, they don’t ask for allot of money once you get past a reading but depending on materials such as dogs, sheep, goats, horses etc which are not so expensive in Mexico the rituals can add up, depending on how strong you need them to be they can include its on the ground requiring the Palo worker to perform them in graveyards, beaches, rivers and certain times of course.

you can always try, PM me if you want to know of one I worked with, he has members around the world, depending here you are its possible.

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