Find out who someone is

My friend’s girlfriend on the internet turned out to be Because the girl blocked him from everywhere, he couldn’t find out who the girl in those pictures really was,She promised to give me 50 bucks if I found that person, Although I questioned the number the girl gave her name and surname, nothing came up, Most likely fake first and last name.

There is no information about the girl, only a Photo, And with what spell can I find out who that girl’s first and last name really is?I’m petitioning for more specific things, so the petition isn’t very necessary in my opinion.What do you think magic can do to find out who this unknown person really is?

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Did you tried google reverse image search?

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Mundane would be better luck especially if she isn’t even in the country y’all are in. She could be a catfish man from Nigeria. That’s where most of them are in my experience.


Strangely just the other day when I actually went on Facebook again, I noticed a lot of sketchy accounts that seem to be catfishes from Nigeria. Thought it was quite funny.


Yea that’s where I get them all

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Yes, I tried everything, my last care was to open a topic here.

The person I want to find lives in Turkey, the problem is this account is fake and I want to know who its real owner is, The person using the fake account has uploaded fake videos and photos, but the videos and photos belong to one person and I want to know who the girl in that photo iş.


That’s going to hard because the stuff is stolen information. Try what Rey said it would be the best bet.

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I scribbled on his face on purpose. I have this picture. Nothing else, I just want to know who this person is by magic.


“Last but not least, work with the Angel of Lost Things to locate lost objects, people, etc!”


I agree this is the best bet. But does it work if you didn’t really lose them I wonder. OP’s friend was catfishes. So the real person won’t have a connection with anyone.

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The girl whose photo I sent is Turkish, we live in the same country, I just want to know who she is.

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Right but did it come from her or a fake account?

Of it came from a fake account it could be a picture from google and could be anywhere.

I am just trying to figure out if you know her so that you have some kind of connect to go with.

It came from a fake account and Google and other search engines failed because the Instagram account is private.

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Then message the Instagram account? If you found that that’s a lead. Try the angel of lost things but I am not sure if it will work.

@Lady_Eva would you know?

I have no idea, the real girl might be married or whatever. You can ask if it’s meant to be for both of you, to bring you together.


I don’t want to marry that girl or anything, I just wonder who she is.