Find out if someone is lying

So I suspect someone is lying to me and has been for sometime, basically does anyone know how to get them to tellbthe truth, or a spell to reveal it or a spirit to get them to confess?


There are spells for it I’ll dig a few out but if you want something quicker and easily done I would recommend truth serum from Inexplicable Things. I’m in no way affiliated with them but they are the real deal. Put a dab on the individuals chap stick, glass, mouse, etc . Bingo.


Truth serum? Please explain?

I don’t know how she does it but this stuff is the truth! Lots of ways you can use it


So the base of it is oil?what kind of oil? Where would one acquire some?

Inexplicable Things

I see

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You can’t force someone to be truthful so I would perform a divination and find out what the cards have to say… In that way you can be certain if the person is being truthful or not and what the future holds.


I agree to do a divination that’s a given. But it’s sort of a snapshot st the moment and energies tend to change. The serum works somewhat like alcohol or cocaine do - they run their mouth and it’ll fly out. I don’t know how it works I just know it does.

I agree too that you can’t force someone to be truthful but mostly I think people will tell you what you need to know one way or another be it actions or verbal- we just need to pay attention. What is this person telling you without their words?

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