Find out about job I could do one day after the deadline

Aaaaarghh, it’s a mix of elation and smacking my horsey head on the keyboard repeatedly.

The application process closed the day before I discovered the job I wanted (basically the evil bully HAS LEFT - major happy dance - and I could take the job she had) but I am a day late and applications have closed.

Do I contact the beloved (with whom I’ve had no contact as yet in the physical) or work with a Goetic so that they need to re-advertise - if so which one would be best to work with and has anyone been successful?

Hell I really don’t know what to do other than attempt to polish off my cv and continue mashing my muzzle into the keyboard in exasperation.


Perhaps put in a resume and ask King Paimon?

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They do it via an online form so I’m not sure how to get around it.

Hmm… Thats why tough one… I still stand by king Paimon… But I’m unsure how to go about it… Perhaps influence the beloved then interact with them? What better way to begin the journey

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Thanks - I’ve never worked with a King before.
Hmmn - thinking and mashing muzzle on keyboard.

My husband didn’t bother telling me that the bully was gone, my friend who still works there forgot about it until I went to see her today and then casually mentioned the job.


Oh I am so frustrated with myself. I can get the beloved to do stuff for others but for me? It feels like I’m living in a weirdly surreal film. Smack.

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King Paimon is awesome, just remember to refer to him as king Paimon and there will be no issues

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