Financial instability

Hi guys. First time posting under this category.

A little about me: homeless, hardworking, dealing with chronic pain.

I recently got re-hired to a company I used to be with but immediately upon starting my chronic pain started flaring up again.

I do not want to lose my job but I’m not sure I can do manual labor anymore. I need some kind of job where I can be off my feet. I have no idea how to get started.

I was really happy for myself getting this job again but now I find myself coming to tears because of both the pain, and the uncertainty of my future.

My finances have always looked bleak, I use cannabis to numb the pain so I know drug addiction plays a factor. I try to be frugal I really do, but between nursing an aching back and trying to avoid the California Summer, sometimes I have to spend more than I mean to.

I guess I’m looking for advice or good vibes. I feel really helpless as of late, like I’m caught in an infinite cycle.

Thanks in advance.

Have you considered getting a job as a security guard? The pay’s low but you basically just sit around doing nothing all day/night, walk around the place every hour, and report any issues that might come up. Most positions just have you there to reduce their insurance cost, you’re not expected to actually confront anyone aside from maybe asking what they’re doing. Don’t know how hard walking is for you but it’s a lot easier than manual labor, and if you need to you can ask for a change of post to someplace smaller. Factories require a lot of walking, data centers not so much.

For the pain, have you tried chi gong/energy work? That’s what I use to fix any health problems that come up for me.


I’m unfamiliar with this

No, I do not have any texts.

what a pity… maybe someone can help you here

And for the pain