Financial Freedom

Yes, demons won’t bring money for nothing. You definitely will have to work for it in one way or another.


The POV of the interacion will be aways subjective to the operator, at least to an extent. If lucifuge was agressive there is not much you can do about it, at least right now.
Evoke bune, although bune can bring money in weird ways, He certainly will do it if the evocation was properly performed.


i edited my into

i dont have a business but i have ideas, maybe he could help

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yea, ill do whatever as long as im not hurt or anyone i love


im online trying to find out how to do it properly

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Will be eazier for you if you have a plan on how to get the money going If you are going to evoke bune. If you need a way. King Paymon would be helpful.


Buy a copy of EA’s Book of Azazel and work with one of the Nether Lords, Halah’thor. He has the power to help you establish a career that will provide for you financially and also align with your greater destiny. He can help you come up with a plan to reach your goal as well as advise you on steps to take.

The audio of the Book of Azazel is available for free on YouTube if you want to look into it.


Depends on how you get your money. Honestly, if you are going for extended prosperity in the material sense I would go with a long term working with Belphegore. If you plan on business endeavors, Clauneck. If you want an opportunity, Bune. If you get your cash flow going, King Paimon can show you how to leverage it.


I asked my council of Deamons to educate me on finances… I’ve lost my mind since this request. All I can think about is TAXES now and how I can better utilize them on top of a plan on developing passive income.

I am already in full throttle mode, small steps to build a foundation and by the end of the year big steps.


I was also told about King Paimon is good to have around. Just didnt know can you ask a demon to come and then ask them to leave after. Some say you cant some say you can

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Im gonna look that up, thank you

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See, so many choices and I get confused. Can I call each one separately and see if we can work a deal out or are they against that?

who did you call upon

Yes, you can call different demons and ask for their input. Each might have a different angle from which to approach your goal. Why would they have any problem with that? We all work with a wide variety of beings on this forum. I myself work with both demons and angels and have even had them recommend each other to me for certain jobs.


Ive talked to various people, some say you can and some say once you call them you better be ready. Many also say they will take something from you that you love so be ready for it. Do angels speak to you the same way demons do? And can they give you the same things?

Yes, and yes. It depends on the Angel though. Angels work in a different way than demons but both can accomplish the same goals. There are just as many magicians that deal exclusively with angels as there are that work exclusively with demons.

it sounds like some people are just trying to scare you away from working with demons. If you approach them with fear, and disrespect, then they can turn on you, but that is just as true as humans. No one wants to work with someone who insults them or threatens them. Approach all demons with respect, and authority and they will do the same.

The demons will only respect YOU-AS-GOD if you do. Don’t be afraid. Most of them are very friendly and helpful, and others are strictly business.

My advice to you, is to find a demon, god or angel to oversee the whole operation, and then deal with individual demons for the more micromanagement of things. I would recommend the Intelligence or Spirit of Jupiter as the overseer, as the planetary energies are very useful.

An example of this was the Friends With Benefits threads on this forum. One demon was approached to be the Manager of the whole operation (I think it was Lucifer or Belial) and then other demons and spirits were called for each individual goal.


I would rather work with angels, just from what i research or come across, it seems demons are more liable to come and speak than angels. All this stuff is very confusing. I currently have Santa Muerte alter, she still hasnt answered me for some reason, no clue why. I also have St Expedite cause Im told he does things fast. the date i gave him was june 3rd and im trying to have faith he will do it but im kinda ify.

I understand about the respect thing, people have told me to stay away and some say go for it

Im not familiar with all the demons you guys are. The only demons I know that are good for what i want is Bune, Clauneck, and the Planet Jupiter. Im also curious about King Paimon too. Someone also said Belial is over looked and better for finanial gain. It all gets so confusing, I guess Id have to call them and see if we reach an agreement


Belial is a demon of Earth (and Fire) and is good for all material things. However, specific financial matters are not his specialty, like it is with a demon like Clauneck. Belial always has an agenda and a bigger purpose behind what he does, and has been known to try and force what he thinks is best upon the magician, including certain sexual proclivities.

Belial is very similar in the way he works to Ghob, the Elemental King of Earth. If you evoke him and ask him to bring you money, you will end up getting a very physically intensive job to get it.

All I can suggest is do the research and open the sigils, and get a feel for the beings. You will vibe with some more than others, and it is always better to work with those you energetically click with than not.


Gotcha. No one explained it like that they just mentioned him. For some reason I’m stuck on bune and Jupiter right now so im a try it and see what burn says. If she can help me get what u ask I’ll gom if shes says it’s not up her alley I’ll try clauneck