Financial Freedom

My life is 1 step away from broken. I cant fo any worse than I am now. Itd be great if he had another method

whats going on in your life thats so bad?

The reason it’s being grilled on you is pychology can be huge in Magick. A Daemon will see your concious and unconcious mind when you call them. They will then decide based on that, as well as your behavior of course, if and how to best work with you.

If you don’t have a full grasp of things they could throw you into a very dark hole before pulling you out because you won’t see it coming. Don’t think Angels won’t do the same :wink:

People are just trying to help you get an idea before calling for help, it will give you less headaches during the process.

Breaking it down can make it easier and less stressful for you.

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I live with family which my time is ending and need to find my own place. I work 2 jobs but still dont make enough to live. Apartments around me are crazy expensive. My car is constantly breaking down on me, spent thousands within a few months nevermind before that. Most jobs I find pay what I make now. That’s why I’m looking this way in Hope’s I can at least get out of my situation now and then focus more on big wealth

I understand that now and I shouldn’t if assumed. Like I explained to others, witches always try to analyze me and tell me I dont need wealth and so on and so on. Their theory doesnt match mine. I appreciate everyone advice. I’ve tried bune these past 2 days and I felt it but he didnt come

Hmm they normally do come but you might not be able to see him/her yet. If you felt it that’s a good sign.
Have you tried automatic writing or the TGS (I think that’s the Acronym). Writing helps me talk to them as well as tarot cards but I also don’t have much troubles hearing them.
Here’s some links to the TGS

All I have is a green candle, sigil, and incense. The first 2 times he was coming I felt it. I admit, o opened my eyes cause my breathing became heavy and my body was going crazy. Come to find out that’s what I wanted to happen. Today, I got half that feeling but I did feel his presence and nothing. I guess I just need more focus on my meditation

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Keep at it and try asking questions even if you don’t see or hear a response have pen and paper with you, this way Bune can talk to you that way.
You’ll get an urge to write so when you do just start writing.

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Nah, it’s cool.

Exactly. Based on your view, you can then start to make a more custom-tailored approach to the problem at hand. I saw you did more or less answer after the fact. Kudos.

You would be surprised. Okay, so that is a big limiting factor out of the way. When you come from positions or backgrounds where people with money are not looked at kindly, or where money is an intrinsically evil thing, it can choke back on your ability to feel like you deserve money in your life. I mean, who wants to think of themselves as evil? Even if your conscious mind does not think that, the subconscious might.

Yeah that’s not true, lol. Money is not the source of life, but it does do a good job at sustaining it. It can also reduce suffering for people you give a damn about, which is not a bad thing most of the time IMO. No, man, you get that money!

Okay, so step two is to honestly assess a few things. What is your current level of influence, financially? You do not have to answer here, just ask yourself this. By this, I mean: what is your buying power? Debt to income? Ability to leverage personal assets? Does your income exceed your expenditures? Ability to access and utilize credit? Big one here: what is your professional and social circle like? In other words, are the people around financially better off, about the same, or worse off? Do they all do more or less what you do to get money? Based on the answers, you can start getting an idea of what to tweak in your life.

Magickally, your best course of action is going to depend on a few things. How do you get your money now? How would you LIKE to get your money? This I would answer here.I have seen some great advice in this thread, but without this one you are better served with general money magick, i.e. money candles, ritual affirmation, magick checkbook, etc.


Glad you said it, I was thinking I was being selfish by not saying this. More so for other people who are in the same situation.

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sorry for my first comment, I’m just not very good at your site and thought that he wrote to me. :expressionless:
I probably spoiled everything …

i have been, i tried again twice today, guess just gotta keep on till she comes

This is my situation. Im staying with a family member, on the verge of having to leave real soon. I work 2 jobs and even with that I cant afford an apartment anywhere i live, dont make enough. I have a chilld also i take care of and monthly bills. Most people i know are poor, living off the government, some have decent jobs. Then theres people i associate with who are just better off than me. I have no degree, no special skills besides I became a personal trainer in 2011 and forgot alot of knowledge. I was pursing acting but quit because the chances of making it are slim and i couldnt financially afford to do it anymore. Im told King Pamion could fix that, as far as making people book me for jobs and so on. I have a few business ideas, i want to invest in stock and so on. Thats all I can think of. I play the lottery 4 times a week but i know demons arent prone too giving the lottery. This is all I have. As much as Id like to be wealthy, at the moment i need to get out of my posotion. Id love a house but my own apartment would be great at least for now. I do need a brand new car, my car is always breaking and im tired of buying used cars. These 2 things would help me alot righ now

well the first step to financial freedom is to stop playing the lottery 4 times a week. Thats utterly ridiculous :thinking:


@Lady_Eva @Mapachtli I respect y’all alot for being true to your word and not helping this guy


The problem here is that you are already working two jobs, but that is not enough to cover expenses for an apartment where you are. So you really have three possible avenues to effect magickally.

  1. Raise income or reduce expenditures to make your expenses less than your income. This is tough when you already have two jobs, because one way your efforts might manifest is losing one or both of them to make room for a better opportunity. Just be aware of the possibility.

  2. Relocate to an area where the cost of living is more feasible. Again, this is tough because it can bring turmoil to your life in the short term before things level out.

  3. Start using magick to effect specific areas of your life that are tied to your finances, as well as your actual income. In other words, take a complete inventory of everything effecting your finances negatively and use an appropriate rite to address the problem individually. Maybe this involves a spirit that has nothing to do with money. Maybe sigils. Maybe candle work, a road opening ritual or just magickal house keeping. Over time, the problems start disappearing and things come together. Then you can start building momentum.

In other words, don’t think that a spirit commonly associated with money is always going to be the best thing for your finances.

I would address the living situation before the car, though. And when you start doing rites, do not forget to back them up with action. In terms of money entities, you need a bit of luck and favor right now. I would go with Jupiter and Mercury, for benevolent boon and a touch of luck.

And I’m not going to preach and tell you to stop gambling, I’m just going to hope 4 times a week means a 1 or 2 dollar ticket 4 times a week :wink:

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lol yes i know, i play too much. I have high hopes for winning although i know the chances are slim

Ive heard several times that things get worse or change before it gets better. Thats fine, because honestly, things arent looking to good to get out so Ill take a fumble to recover.

Unfortunately, I live in Mass where the rents are all high. Even the ghetto, where i grew up and moved out of is about the same price of the suburban area I live in now. So, again, if I have to fumble before things get great, i guess thats what gotta happen

Yes, my living situation is more important than the car just with hopes this car survives cause i cant work without it. I currently have Santa Muerte in my house, we havent communicated but still trying. Aside from her, I started to call upon Bune which I screwed up the first few attempts and now its become harder but im working on her/him. I also plan to work with jupiter, i have a purple candle, stone that represents it, and the sigil. I plan on doing it thursday however, I dont know how to go about exactly like prayers or meditations how often i light jupiters candle and so on. I been trying to find information on it.

And yes, i know the lottery 4 times a week at 2 dollars a ticket is no good, i keep thinking im gonna hit i, like an addiction. I did a petition to st expedite for 1 million but came to realize hes not for that kind of stuff to hit big.

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By the way, I ordered a book called wealth magic by damn brand, i believe someone in here recommended it. From the reviews i read, it seems legit.

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A lot of people have mixed emotions about that one. I really like it. I definitely suggest working through it with diligence. Good choice, IMO.

I feel you.I live in Ware, MA. If you are from MA then you might know of it as Waroin, lol. My last place, aside from being legitimately haunted, had dope houses to either side and directly across the street. My landlord had the fucking balls to try to jack the cost from $800/month to $875 for a two bedroom with no closets or cabinets like he was doing me some kind of favor. It’s fucked here. I wound up getting out of there, but on the outskirts. It’s like a different world, lol. Mass is also fucked for taxes and permits for business. They just don’t want anyone to have a chance to give themselves upward mobility. You have to fight for every inch you get here. I will be relocating to New Hampshire in approximately 1 year from now. If you are thinking of an entrepreneurial venture I would consider getting out of MA. This state is fucked.

OOH, totally forgot her. Good idea.

I can’t say a thing; I used to be a poker rat. But just on a mathmatic scale, if you analyze successful people with wealth, they might gamble, but almost without exception gambling is not where their wealth came from initially. Play with numbers for a second. If you spend $1 per day gambling, but instead chose to just put $1/day into a savings account, even with the shit rate of return at the end of 40 years you would have a large stack of cash, likely more than you would end up with with the lottery. Something to consider.

If you are going for some kind of candle working with Jupiter, I really recommend building a rite to Jupiter around the structure in the following video. It contains the necessary elements and is easy to follow, just make sure to make it personal to you.

A few notes on this one that can really pump extra energy into this:

  1. Make your statement of intent into a charged personal chaos sigil, right onto the lid.

  2. Working with Jupiter, I would place the entire setup onto a base with his symbol on it.

  3. Thursday is the way to go, but time it if you are going for planetary factors. For money, try for the daylight hour of Mercury on a Thursday, avoiding the Moon’s Void of Course.