Finances Targeted

Hello everybody,

So I think(know for sure lol) that somebody has targeted my finances with a curse, and I might bleed out. In fact, already feeling the leaking.
I never did any money magick (yet).
Who or what could I petition to stop or reverse this?
Thank you for any reply.

Or does it fall under general protection?
It feels so weird.
I had my protections up and it seems like a weak spot.

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Personal protections won’t necessarily protect specific aspects of your life. Depending on how they are set up, they will mainly only protect your personal self.

I would call upon Opfaal, from Kingdoms of Flame, to break the curse (it is within his power to destroy any form of spiritual bondage).

Then I would work with Jupiter to shore up any financial leaks, and Pluto to put more specific protections in place on your wealth (Pluto is like an underworld boss; he knows the best ways to protect money)

Then I would call upon Belial for some payback.


Maybe asmodeus too?
Never did money magick just got a kick out of losing and getting it again… But this time I am more serious, I dont know.

Good idea thanks

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Curses only have the power that you give them.

That being said, 7 Occult Money Rituals is an effective book if you are serious about financial magick.


Was outside, I lost 20€ from my bag on way home.
Its happening. but I might be on time… waiting for planetary hour of jupiter .

Hm, I dont know if I agree.

Will check out

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I have never been negatively affected by any curse. Any corruption that manifests in my life I allow to become power.

ask spirits if you are being targeted

Call upon the spirits of the Trinka Five.

“Trinka Five Trinka Five Trinka Five Trinka Five Trinka Five… ancient spirits come alive, bring me money make it thrive… Spirits of the Trinka Five!”