Finally Tychokinesis

The long awaited tychokinesis. The special ingredient, the prima materia!
I had planned to release this in a book but I have been given a severe warning to the danger involved.

Not by my teacher but by the forces themselves.
This is the philosophers stone; this is the one part or power of the mind that causes the changes that need to happen to manifest our desires.

The eye of providence is the representation for this the ultimate secret.
The ability to affect the fields of probability with ones conscious observation and manifest. The power to turn lead into gold.

It recently dawned on me that the skill I was perfecting was the ultimate prize. The ability to change any situation into what you want it to be. I have the power and the proof.

Those in the inner circle have seen the proof first hand and know that this power is for them.

The Great Dragon Horrible and terrifying yet no greater beauty or love to behold for her children. The Nine are chosen, Nine of the inner circle. You know who you are because she has come to you this week. I She has made herself known as a presence before you and if you have been chosen you know you have.

The problem starts to arise when you realize you are in possession of the tablets of destiny and the most powerful force in the universe should not be thrown around lightly.

I have met individuals that are knowledgeable wise and desire only that which is to the greatest benefit of all who desire ascent.

Many have striven for arcane knowledge and fallen short of the goal. These people that have been seriously dedicated to the search for the prima material deserve to have it.

Those that have dedicated life to learning and have suffered poverty because of such dedication will have the power to manifest gold.

The left hand path, the true left hand path, those that believe in self-governance over enforcement. Those that believe that we as entities were never intended to melt away our consciousness back into the source but to emerge as butterflies from our cocoons and fly on the wings of our mother Goddess of chaos and become Gods ourselves.

All is for our evolution, our pain is her pain our pleasures are her pleasure. The only servitude she requests is that we pursue our freedom. Those bound to her are only bound by love.

She who is mother to all monsters and is the eternal void and source of all. The great Dragon. She is known by many names by her beloved children but not known to the world.

We must have responsibility to grant the prima materia to those her children of the Void. Yet must be guarded so the undeserving and the foul never find it. (Imagine if someone like Billy Graham had this, it would mean the end of everything of value to us.)

My inner circle will be the only ones I shall reveal this to because they have proven themselves. Those of you in the circle know who you are. We will set aside a private place for us to discuss how the training will begin and how we will form our coven.

Mother void and father light have come into sexual union and produced the divine child. May “Her Children, Those of The Nine “ come forth and claim the Tablets of Destiny.

Have reign over the demons of chaos. The Incubi and the Mare, for these forces are from the same as the powers we wield. The powers of attraction and repulsion desire and fear.

Those of you who have been chosen have been visited by one of these such entities this week and you know who you are! Please don’t hesitate to come forth and claim your prize. If you wait too long the forces may decide to choose another.

Private message me and tell me of your experience with your visit from your personal chaos demon. Were you frightened? Was it a Mare? Or did you have a visit from a Succubus? Were you afraid? Or did you get laid?

OK WOW! some of you have already sent me messages with your stories before I even posted this, I will read them now.

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Amazing Story Arann, I still can’t get over the fact that you already knew what to do and everything! Amazing!

P.S. If you are sitting on the fence and unsure if your experience was real, perhaps you are not ready. But it’s all for you they did not visit just anyone they visited you because you were chosen by her. I know you cant deny that you experienced something but if you don’t have faith in your self and your own abilities then I can’t teach you this

I’ve recently tried summoning a succubus, now i don’t know if it came because you sent it or because i sucessfully summoned it on my own >.> either way, congratulations, does the dragon have any relation to tiamat/lilith?

Those were names given to her by people attempting to understand her.

OK so some of you got coins like Ashtker who gave it to his managers at work! Facepalm! LOL it’s ok Like I said the random object is just a way for you to know she is working with you on a very physical level. But check this everyone Randomguy got the wallet! he is going to be the coven treasurer!

Velotek Got the gift of divination and interpretation and that is his special role in the coven and he will be helping the rest of us figure out what our gifts mean.

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Ok everyone, Now for some of you the reality is starting to set in and you are getting scared. when you begin to see the true magickal nature of this and how very real it is you will begin to feel the weight of what is happening but do not be afraid instead feel empowered!

Holy shit, this is getting into a lot of the stuff that I’m not really supposed to talk about. But I would very much be interested in meeting you in person. Do you live in the states? I’ll send you a pm later.

we are all going to meet in person even those in other countries.

I live in Canada, so it’s not too far to the States.

If you are one of the Nine or a Tyler please say “present” and we can get a head count.

Present! But going out soon.

Present but will be off soon as well



So this morning I found a knife I lost nine years ago.

It’s a very important object for me, very significant for a lot of reasons, and has been used in a lot of rituals - mostly those that leaned “black magick” style even before I was really into that stuff in a big way.

I just put my hand into a pile of old clothing looking for a knitted cap, and it was improbably - I won’t say impossibly, quite - in the pocket of an old leather coat (I don’t have a high turnover of clothes, what I like, I like, and I look after them).

It’s a pretty big deal to have this back.


Ok, will post my experiences related to this a bit later though some details will need to be edited out as not ll of this is meant for the public eye.

I may have found another one of our brothers he is not on this forum but his views are the same as ours and right now am waiting for confirmation.