Finally, full on Astral Projection (aided by galantamine) .. Not what I expected

So, aside from a couple of spontaneous OBE experiences from way back in my youth, I’ve been unable to astral project; despite a deep desire too. I’m sure I’m trying too hard/wanting it too much, and even though I can bring about an intense vibration state, I’ve been unable to take it any further than that.

I’ve recently acquired some medial grade galantamine (after reading about its “side effects”). Please note, I’m not a practicing medial professional and I neither endorse nor condone the use of this substance.

Last night , I went to bed at a reasonable hour and awoke at around 4:00 am to take the galantamine…I then got a drink of water, used the bathroom, and relaxed/mediated myself back to sleep, convincing myself that I would achieve astral projection or at least a vivid lucid dream. Note the room was very dark, and it was pitch black outside, no stars or moonlight.

I’m guessing within an hour or less things started to happen. I awoke on my side, with the vibration state coming on strong. Here things went differently…the vibrations seemed to “morph” into loud crashing music. Like an orchestra tuning up before they performed. A very loud, disjointed brass and reed section exploding in my bedroom. I opened my eyes, and noticing I was resting on my side, turned to be on my back. Now, my body remained on its side, but I was clearly laying on my back. I remembered the rope technique and immediately reached up. Here, I realized that I was reaching upwards even though my physical arms remained on the bed. This was the moment I had longed for and I was determined to be successful! At that moment, the room (still extremely dark) was filled with a deep bluish/purple colored smoke. I then either grabbed the rope overhead or someone(things) hand, and just like that I was totally aware and conscious yet no longer in my body.

I immediately rubbed my hands together, while looking around the room. It was still incredibly dark, and then I just kinda floated up and out of the house. From here on, the darkness was engulfing. I literally couldn’t see anything. I tried to get my hands to light up, or to will being somewhere that was light, but nothing. I buzzed around for what seemed like a very long time in total darkness. I was also keenly aware that I was far away from my physical body and didn’t have any idea how I’d get back…like I was totally disconnected with it. Eventually, I ended up someplace where I could vaguely make out shapes and forms. There, I had an encounter with a spirit that I have been communicating with for a week (I think it was them anyway) and then an entity that I felt was being deceptive, but not in a malicious way. At that moment I snapped back, fully awake and covered in sweat :sweat:. I immediately went back to sleep, trying to induce another OBE. At this time, I think I had a lucid dream where I had a controlled OBE (only in my dream). I controlled my actions and the sequences, and it was neat but didn’t feel authentic like the one before.

For anyone in the know…
-why the loud crashing music?
-why the dark blue/purplish smoke?
-why couldn’t I see anything during the majority of this OBE? Very uncomfortable
-was this perhaps something other than an OBE? I did start this out in my room, where I ended up I have no idea. Nothing was familiar after I floated out of the room

I know that using any type of substance is like using a crutch, but I reckon that if I could actually achieve an OBE, and recognize all of the sensations then I could better attempt them naturally.

Thanks for listening and for offering any guidance or suggestions!!


It sounds like an interesting experience, it sounds like my first few times of Astro projecting many years ago now, I’ve been doing it now for years on demand and accidentally, mind you I’ve never used anything to aid it, the only time it was aided was when I had surgery, I left immediately as they put me under they said I called out for my dad, he was the spirit that took me that time.
I usually ask a spirit/god/demon whoever you have a bond with to guide me, to prevent going to a place Unknown to me, oh I’ve seen things and places that have a lasting impact on you.
Now I go straight to my Astro plain starting point/door then travel from there to do what I need to do/achieve, there’s always been 3 guardians who wait in the distance on that plain and the soul/guide thats with me.
My personal view…
I was told the darkness would clear and was due to lack of experience of Astro travelling I think I did it 3 times like that, my advice would be relax and have a purpose in mind when you travel and definitely ask someone to guide you while you learn the rules and ways of the Astro plain it can be dangerous at times.
It sounds/feel like you still have a strong connection to your body (not your cord) which is holding you back,
The more you practice and it takes a lot of practice the better the experience and the more control you have and the more time you can spend there.

Good luck @SupernautStevei

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Thanks for the input @anon35721968, I do really appreciate it! Good to know about the darkness, and how you were told it may be just a beginners obstacle. I’ve done extensive readings about OBE’s for probably close to 3 decades and I hadn’t come across that. The previous, and only times that I experienced an OBE/partial OBE I was just an adolescent and things seemed really clear, although kinda scary for me

Likewise with the smoke and odd musical noise, I’m not sure about those as I’ve not read anything describing that stuff.

You’re absolutely correct about my attachment to my physical body, unfortunately, which makes things much harder for me now. When I was younger, I could basically induce the very strong vibrations on demand, then chicken out before I actually completely left my body. This is now a block to overcome (and the galantamine certainly and efficiently did the trick) and my “want to” is also so strong that I’ve created now another block :disappointed:

Thanks also for your advice on spirits helping and meeting me in the planes, once I get there. I’ve worked well with both Bune and Orobas, and my two demon guides/protectors, Malphas and Belial May be able to help as well. Also, the entity I met out there last night, I’m sure she could help as well. And thanks for reminding me I need a purpose or destination to concentrate on. Good advice all around

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It’s normal to have a block especially at the beginning, it’s a fear to overcome mostly over how will I get back or the fear of the unknown, either way you can overcome it, it takes time.

As for the music I jump straight to the astro plain now but before when I was aware of leaving my body (it’s now of no importance to me that part as I normally have a goal to achieve) I used to see lights/my soul colours, remember our souls are unique and give off different energy.
I used to hear spirit or other beings calling me or talking i still do once on the Astro plain, one time my best friend I lost knew I needed love so he pulled me to him and as we stood there cuddling the plain gleamed white and there were beings all around talking, he even showed me how far away I was from my body, all I felt was beautiful feelings, which in it self is dangerous as at the time I didn’t want that feeling to end.

Good luck @SupernautSteve and remember everyone’s experience yet similar in ways remains individual to your soul and abilities.
You have an interesting journey ahead of you :blush:

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Thanks for the encouragement @anon35721968, and thanks again for the advice and insight into your personal experience! Well, I’ve now done it as an adult, so I know I’m capable…with work and diligence nothing should hold me back now


Love the positive attitude :blush:

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Gracious :blush:

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Great work :slight_smile: well done on your first AP. The more you practice your astral body will become stronger, this is basically like what anglia said. You’ve rarely used your Astral body so as you keep getting out it will strengthen and over time it’ll become easier to leave your physical body. The crashing music is similar from what i’ve read other people experience, so I do think it is normal. The smoke could be your astral eyes adjusting to them being open for the first time with you knowing in a long time.


Thanks @inessence, for the kind words and for the encouragement! I believe you’re right, and now that I have experienced it fully, with practice things should get easier as the Astral body will strengthen and become more familiar to me. Also, It’s good to know that others have experienced the crashing music as neither that or the dark blue/purple smoke was something that I had read about or was expecting.


Hi! I’ve just done a research about Galantamine to see what it is and i saw it’s a medecine taken by people suffering from Alzheimer.
Is that what you took?
Thank you😊

Yep, that’s the stuff. I was able to source some “pharma grade” from outside of the US (the country I reside in) but it’s also available on the major on-line retailer website …and most of the descriptions on that sight tout “lucid dreaming” and “OBE’s” as a side effect. I’m not sure of the difference between what I have and what is widely available there. What I was given came from someone I trust.

The forum above seems to have a good bit of information on it. I’m not one to normally use crutches or aides in my endeavors, I don’t even use beta beats to reach the theta state during meditations or spiritual workings/summoning’s as I want to make sure that I am capable of achieving such things on my own…but I’ve been chasing this for a very, very long time.

I can say, for me, Galantamine is either for real the miracle cure for my inability to induce an OBE, or it’s one hell of a placebo! Hope this information helps @Gwenevere

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Thank you very much for your answer. Well i guess im gonna try it, I have troubles to induce OBEs by myself.
If i have results I will give my experience on your post :blush:.

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