Finally feel up to reporting interesting encounter

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I have finally found the courage to report on this odd sequence of events which happened to me about a week ago.
I found myself in a Park at night, here in Madrid, sitting on a park bench on a hill overlooking the city with the Royal Palace off in the background. It was a magnificent sight. I remember looking at the sky for stars and lamenting that the city lights and cloud cover blocked them from my sight. I also took note of the fact that they way the clouds were only lightly illuminated and moving with a wind in the heights of the sky in such as way that it reminded me of one of the first lessons in E.A. Koetting´s OOA book(I said I was pre reading it). I then decided to try it. I was unsure exactly which way was south so I may have been five or ten degrees off in either direction. As I was finishing it, a man who had sat down next to me listening to something took one earbud out and proceeded to talk to me in Spanish about how the sky was Eternity. I am not fluent in spanish and only understood the barest portion, but it was intriguing what I understood. Before he got up and walked off after about 5 mins of talking, he told me he was free, that I was free.

It is an interaction which has stuck with me. Is this a sign? What do any of you think?


Not to be that guy, but if you’ve been living in a country for some time, you’re exposed constantly to the language so you start picking it up. And understanding sentences it’s the first thing (an adult, at least) get from a new language.

In any event, if you remember more, I can give you an accurate translation, since I’m a native Spanish speaker. My native dialect isn’t the Iberic you’re hearing all the time in Europe, but I can do it anyway.

Unfortunately, I came to spain with zero knowledge of the language save the most base and am not conversationally proficient, nor have I been able to practice as much as I would like because I have had the (unfortunate?) temerity to be meeting people from other countries who either speak another language or english and are in the same boat I am, thus we speak in english because it is easier for us to understand. I do not remember the exact words as spanish, when spoken rapidly as the fluent do, is hard for me to separate the words. I am sure others not fluent in english feel the same way.
My intuition is that he was expressing a similar thought process to my own, and he seemed to have a knowing smile in his eyes.

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Hopefully, you’re up to something, mate.

I am unsure how to take that.

What I meant is that you may be right and this person had a similar thought process than you. And that your magic worked.

Sort of like a syncronicity wave? My attempt at the Magick lesson in the book was successful and other on the path recognised it?

I don’t know, mate, I’m a noob. But I believe it was a synchronicity.

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Dont overthink it, if it sticks out to you then its important. I would certainly think it important if it happened to me.

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Overthinking is something I have to actively work to avoid. I was just polling the forum for opinions.