Finally considering working with demons

I’ve been petrified at the thought of invoking a demon but it seems like it’s the most effective as so far I haven’t had results for my spells. I have some questions

  1. Do they torture you? Like paranormal activity

  2. Will they actually do things for you? And why if they’re just out to wreak havoc (what I’ve heard people who practice witchcraft say)

  3. To invoke them do you just have to open their sigil?

  4. How do you communicate with them

  5. Do you see or hear anything scary?


@TinyGirl, I haven’t worked with demons myself, but I research enough to answer your questions. Remember to be respectful, not show fear, to be cautious and to be open minded.

  1. I’m not too sure what you mean by this. But lights flickering and stuff are a way of communication.
  2. Us humans have done some bad stuff, but unless the demon is just judgmental or has had bad experiences I don’t think so.
  3. Not sure.
  4. Any way you can think of.
  5. You can. Demon’s appearances can be distorted.
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Try Azazel

  1. Not in my experience

  2. They will do things for you , that’s not always true in my eyes

  3. There are various methods , experiment and try

  4. Sigils , visions , astral travelling, various things

  5. It doesn’t happen with me , but it may happen in some cases

No paranormal activity is for entertainment purposes only not reality.

That depends on you and them, people have gotten results while others have not, dedication is key but being completely dependent on them isn’t how to do it.

No, you meditate on them, invoke/evoke their enn, there’s a plethora of ways.

Either through evocation, invocation, etheric projection, or astral projection.

we dont really know what you’d consider scary but in my opinion no.

What do you mean not true in your eyes. Like let’s say I want someone back, do I just open the sigil and visualize what I want or?

Years ago on a Wicca oriented website I’ve read a FAQ question about summoning demons answered with the opinion that it would be better to avoid it, yeah, sometimes there is a tendency to Christian bias.
Direct magick evocation’s and E.A.'s theories are similar: the magician contact an entity, indicating a target or a suitable goal, and the entity simply “does its work”. Theoretically opening a sigil is enough, but this may be developed in an actual and larger ritual. Communication happens either by “channeled writing”, ouija or pendulum (these 2 are sometimes deemed not accurate but, provided this was ever the case, at least some “tricks” may be applied).
Personally I’ve seen nothing or maybe just a few things, about properly heard only “Did you like it?” when waking up, in days when I contacted Bael, Buer… Anyways it’s a progressive thing, for example one begins by having thoughts and they can eventually become like spoken words.

Does one havw to do anything first to gain the ability to talk with demons? And what are those steps?

The most published Demons have the
abilities to make you hear them when they want it. Although it’s not bad to train clairaudience.
I guess because the most entities I know have the power to be heard when they want it they just sometimes want us to hear them on a finer frequency, when they don’t help.
Maybe because we can seek power.
Maybe that’s what they want from us.
E.A. once wrote ‘Demons only respect power.’


The magician may train that ability by, indeed, directly asking something/talking with demons and “listening” or by practicing divination maybe along with working on Vishuddha chakra (doing the previous activities btw is equivalent).

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When I say it’s not true in my eyes, they might not be out to wreak havoc on any and everyone, in some cases they teach you things and express various positive things, in some cases they don’t. It depends on the spirit, some might just be flat out wicked. Do your research and approach cautiously . You could do that, too, you may try praying to Azazel

  1. No in my experience. Nor I ever heard of it.
  2. I think it depends. What comes to my acknowledgment is that you have to be a dedicated student, really seriously on this path, not just approach them expecting them to give you things. But if you’re seriously they’ll help you achieve what you want. But it’s nothing like, they’ll make you rich or bring back that love just like that, I think in mostly cases, they would give you the ways to reach, for example, help you get a job with a nice salary, or leads you to a perfect love spell, but a lot will depend on you. They do that I guess because they like, to help us, to you know, ascending, be better. Like gods who care. I think.
  3. I used to do pretty much just like that. I got into a trance state, by looking at a candle and than focusing on the sigil, calling for the demon, until it opens.
    4.Mostly by the mind. I never heard of a physical, Hollywood type manifestation, you’ll see their image, of their face(the face they choose to show you) on your mind, and hear their voices in your mind too, which yes can be problematic sometimes, specially when you’re beginning you’llhave doubts if it’s real, well at least with me was/is like this. Sometimes the flames of the candle can go small or big, I’ve heard of people saying they heard doors bumping and suff like that. Depending on your sensibilities you may feel the air cold or warm. And when you do an invocation(when you kind call a part of the energy of the demon inside you. Evocation you just summon them in your presence) you do feel things on your body, is insane and impossible to doubt. But I recomend do that only when you become more comfortable with them, with a demon you feel trust.
  4. No. But some demons maybe you’ll try to scare you if you approach them wrongly (with no respect, with fear) but I never heard of them hurting someone, if they don’t like the person or whatever they will just ignore.
    Those answers are based on my personal experience. Every person have one, I guess. But I tranquilize you in that: demons are not evil and you have nothing to fear them.
    My recommendation is to start working with Lucifer. I know you maybe still be frightened of him and think he’s last you would summon, but he’s the best teacher(if you ask around you’ll see this is almost an unanimous opinion) specially for beginners, he’s one of the mostly patient demon, so he’ll understand your hesitation, your doubts, any difficulties you have. Just remember of always be respectful.
    Any more doubts we are here!:slight_smile:
  1. No, demons don’t torture you.
  2. Yes, they will do things for you, but a couple big warnings. Don’t ask for stuff that you shouldn’t ask for because you don’t really want it (ie, getting something just to impress other people). (Depending on the demon it might make them mad and they will kick your butt.) Do divination before asking and be sure to have some kind of contact with the demon before making the request. Questions are safe.
  3. Yes.
  4. Sometimes it is just a feeling that you get from opening the sigil. I often use the old put the sigil under my pillow to dream about them. They like to give me insights into their nature that way. (but it isn’t always pleasant) I feel like I have thoughts coming into my mind that aren’t my own when I reach out and communicate with them.
  5. Yeah, they can show up in terrifying shapes. I used to be so scared I would see one. I was like really worried about it. Then I did that Belials Gatway symbols, and after the 2nd time through I got him to show up. He wouldn’t show up at first because he said I was too scared of seeing him. Then of course he started out looking friendly and then later changed to a scary shape. I could actually see both shapes at once. Now I’m like yeah, whatever. (but too be honest, I was actually more afraid of real people than “demons”)

For me they excite me. I look for workings that benefit us both. Torture me? My daily life is usually torture enough and at first it discouraged me from working with demons as why would I want to inflict my horrible life upon them. I debated this for years with spirits knowing just how toxic my life was and partially still is and could potentially become but not because of demons or anything other than the living and the possible parasite entities it draws. In general I try to do nice stuff in life and Christians and what not are none the wiser when in my midst which is rather hilarious on its own. I do have a bit of a trickster sense of humor at times so if a spirits does something to another or in the area; like make it stink really bad I might have a chuckle due to an incident long ago I had with cat poo on my shoes, being on a school bus on a very rainy day and just so happened all the rich snobby kids were on the bus due to some car mishaps that senior year. Ah the stench (which I couldn’t smell) and them gagging and barfing was priceless. I still chuckle to this day that they didn’t know where it came from. So stuff like that can be funny but that’s now what I work towards (that might be icing on the cake).

I’m a newb though but thus far its been quite positive.

Do you see it as if it’s in the room or when you’re in a trance? I’ve never been in one. Also thank you so much for this answer

Usually I see them in ritual on a piece of aluminum foil I have set out for that purpose. Outside of ritual, I have seen them in my white textured ceiling. They are just forms on the flat surface, they haven’t actually looked like another real person. (although at times they have sent another real person or people to full fill my requests)