Finally able to see entities during evocation fairly well

Many of us want so badly to build our astral senses and be capable of actually SEEING the entities. Well I have discovered a way to bring about the visual in more plasticity. In the past week I have evoked 6 entities each on different days and each time with this new implementation added, they have formed in front of me. I will tell you what I use, and you can use what you need to substitute. This is so simple and the results are so profound, at least to me, I had to share.

I purchased a black bed sheet and tacked it to the wall. I used resin as well.

This is it guys, nothing crazy.

Rather then calling on the entity with the sigil and their name, I think meditate on them and then astral travel to their sphere, call them by name in their own world, then once they come, I command them to follow me. Yes, I command. Then I bring my soul back into my body and charge their sigil and call their name to come. Once I feel their presence, rather then lighting the resin first, I offer the resin as an offering.

" oh name, welcome to my temple and I thank thee for coming. Please accept this offering as a gift for coming to my sacred space. I then light the resin. Once the smoke rises I rub my hands together until they get hot, and then face them up combing the heat from my hands and the incense smoke… i tell them… please take this offering into any form you like… enjoy this offering before we commence our discussion"… I give about 2 minutes for them to accept the offering… during this period let your minds eye free begin to creating a form… tell the entity to kindly use the smoke as a means of formation, and keep welcoming them and making them feel at home.

Wow, I have never seen such vivid images of them in full form. If anyone tries this, let me know how your experience is.


I used this with a demon, an angel, a planetary intelligence, and an elemental. All had the same effects


Wow what a great idea I need to try it

Thank you so much for sharing it


Did you do any structuring or did you skip that part.

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Sorry what do you mean by structuring?

you talk about this as if its simple but then talk about astral travel while the body is awake? in my experience this is not simple. Astral projection, atleast for me requires my physical body to be in a state of paralysis which I’ve only been able to achieve through falling asleep in a slightly upright position on my back. Not trying to knock what you’re offering here by any means. Just confused as to why you think this is a simple operation.


Similar to visualisation but external like I can imagine a pile of cash in my head but structuring would be seeing it on the table in front of me.
Bit by bit until the mind can’t tell the difference between it being real or imagined.
That’s a simplified way of saying it.


Thanks for sharing this, from my newbie point of view, it’s a good technique it could also help avoid wandering spirits, but how do you know you’re in the spirit’s world? If you meet them in the astral, what kind of shape do you see to be sure that it’s the spirit you’re looking for? Also, have you done your operation in a circle (universal or any other)? Did the black bed sheet on the wall served you as a black background to see the spirit’s formation in the smoke? Need to know about this, so that i can try it :slight_smile:

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@serpens_album For me, the best way of actually seeing entities has been to create a portal of sorts before me like the way @C.Kendall describes in one of his posts. Will definitely try this out too, though my ability to see entities is increasingly solidifying at last.

Edit: Actually, this is in the OAA so I have tried it already now that I think of it

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Its as hard as we make it to be in our own heads.

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No structuring. Simply lose yourself and let your minds eye do the work until it manifests on its own. Now that I understand what you are saying, I feel as though I have been doing this and forcing the entity into the shape I want to see. However by letting my minds eye go completely while being aware that an image would form, the image comes to plasticity much more detailed and into formation


Have not seen his post or the OAA yet. This was told to me 100% internally by something or someone. I have allowed Belial to partially take possession of me, perhaps this why where the information is coming from along with the heightened senses. My personally has been much different the past week, my girlfriend is NOT taking a liking to it.

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I 100% trust my inner self to guide me to the entities world. If I already have an idea of where the entity is from (I summoned Hasmiel who is of jupitarian and mercury mix) I know where I am going, however if not, I will meditate on the entity during my relaxation meditation preritual going into the ritual, and allow astral body to simply travel there.

I have a universal circle that I made myself, but it is not 100% necessary.

Yes that is what the bedsheet is for.


That is what I was about to say too,Ze0rez
Serpens, if I could already astral travel waked with my eyes wild open, I doubt I would be asking any spirit or demon to materialise in front of me, if I can just meet them in their realm, or invite them to walk around with me,somewhere in our world.

So your method is easy for you because you seems to master astral travel.
But anyway, one of those days I will try it, we never know :wink:


Wow, this requires insane Astral Travel skills. You’re talking about beginners but even most of advanced practitioners can’t AP at will.

Thanks for sharing.


@NewDeparture In the grand scheme of things AP is very basic, and could very well be learned before evocation. Advanced is stuff like Shapeshifting, Raising the Dead, Grand feats of Telekinesis, Manifesting objects from thin air. Evocation and Soul Travel should be performable to some degree in order to even call yourself a beginner. Being able to see entities and travel Out of Body is where you START not a sign of Mastery.


I don’t really agree. Usually people start with basic candle spells, sigil magick or meditation. People don’t start bathing in magic with AP or 100% effective evocation. Someone who’s able to consistently AP is far from being a beginner. Unless you’re gifted, being good at AP is a matter of practice, and it takes time…When there’s time, there’s room for growing. So someone who took the time to refine his AP skills can’t be called in no way a beginner.

And, AP especially requires extreme stillness of the mind and body. Usually that’s what meditation teaches. So you’d have to start somewhere with meditation before claiming to be able to AP at will.


@NewDeparture and yet when you look at the bigger picture all of that is still absolute basics. It’s what you need as a basic foundation to do anything for real and to actually start Pathworking a current in depth (I AM overgeneralizing here but that remains true for most systems in the modern LHP). Being able to simply evoke a few Spirits or Soul Travel in and of itself should NEVER be taken as a final destination because that encourages stagnation and stops people from seeking more Power because they think they’ve mastered everything. I assure you that I can do both evocation to visual manifestation AND soul travel. I have NOT started reanimating dead bodies or become an all powerful immortal

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I am not saying AP should be seen as the final destination. I am just saying : someone who mastered AP is in no way a beginner. Time has proven that beginners usually start to bath in magick somehow with sigils magick (as E. A recommend) or the other working I mentioned above.

AP is just another another tier like many. There’s of course more than that.

And just because the concept of a working is basic doesn’t mean it doesn’t require time and practice. If AP was in the scope of any random beginner we would know by now.

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@NewDeparture Look at the big picture. All it really takes is a few months of PROPER TRAINING to be able to evoke and Soul Travel. In the long run, your first few months isn’t anything at all. It’s like an absolute beginner skill. I would know because I AM a beginner. Anyone up to that point is still very much a novice. I am not saying it’s easy. I am just saying that it really shouldn’t be considered remotely advanced.