Finally a complete possession!

Took two tabs of acid, while I was coming up the power i felt was immense. Then me and my friends decided to do some evocations. My fuck i did not know what i was in for! So i go to my magick room, and the lucifer sigil is already hanging up. Tripping balls on acid and seeing that is something else, let me tell you. So we gaze into the sigil, everything goes except for me and lucifer, the eyes that i was using wern’t mine, and heres where it gets even more fucked. So i turn my head to my friend, and with the most sympathetic, loving, yet demanding gaze i and lucifer bagun showing her the light. She was terrified but she wanted more. Now after the ritual, she tells me my eyes where completely white, and then as she said that i get a flashback to a dream about a year ago, from her perspective where i was looking at myself, with WHITE eyes. The connection, the power all of it, im finally beginning to take a hold of it. thanks for listening ok bye :smile: