Figuring out your true name

As all of you know, e.a.'s true name is archaelus. I have been searching for the method through the complete works that he used to find it but I can’t seem to find it… Does anyone know how to figure this out or know where e.a. speaks of it in his books?

I’m pretty sure he said that he discovered it through a few sessions of automatic writing.

^What Virdon said.

EA goes into it briefly in Mastering Divination automatic writing segment.

EA told me my true name in a dream, I’m not saying what it is here because I don’t want anyone I don’t know evoking my godform. I actually think the indevidual I talked was the real EA, because he referred to himself as Archelous. If Ea happens to be reading I don’t suppose if you remember this or not?

From what I understood through reading “Questing After Visions”, it was revealed to him by his HGA during the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation upon the completion of the Abramelin Operation.

Archaelus was a name that I discovered when I was about 18 and was starting to make some marks in the occult world. I discovered it through automatic writing, in three sessions. I only later discovered the significance of the name in biblical reference.

As far as appearing in dreams… if I come to you in a dream, there’s a reason that it occurred that way and not in open forums. So, let’s not discuss that which occurs at the crossroads anywhere other than at the crossroads.

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Its funny that this conversation concerning dreams is just now taking place, because I recently had a dream about EA–the only I’ve ever had–but the details are a bit murky.

He didn’t tell you your name did he? Maybe you shouldnt answer that though since it looks like this might be something that needs not be talked about at the moment.

No, I didn’t get any name–and I’m not sure that I’d accept any name from someone else anyway. My Destiny is my Destiny, and my Name serves me and me alone.