Fighting in love spells, opinions?

Hi everyone, I’m really intrigued by love magic and I have heard several opinions about this, and I am ultimately a little confused.

Would fighting with the person you preformed a love spell on affect it? I have heard it can completely erase all your magick, but how can you go without an argument forever? Would you need to constantly preform booster love spells?

I have also heard if you sleep with or even flirt with other people than the person you preformed the love spell on, it will kill the energy. Ultimately this one confuses me this most, as wouldn’t it help you forget that you did the love spell in the first place, helping the results? (Let’s say if it was a love spell on an ex, someone who’s not around.)

Let me know what you think!

This sounds like a completely narcissistic approach to a relationship because it’s strategic. It’s not love if there’s manipulation involved, so it’s guaranteed to fail at some point. It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do. And as far as booster spells, that just sounds like addict-type behavior. Eventually it’s going to consume all your resources and turn you into a zombie.

The kind of stuff you’re talking about is how people approach business. Love is not business.

People who do this have no idea what love is and are acting out of desperation. Love is the easiest thing there is once you stop trying at it. The only way you can stop trying is to find out who you are. This automatically brings you to your natural partner.

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Hi, thanks for giving me your opinion, I respect that :blush:

We all have different views on this forum and honestly, manipulation and free wills of people isn’t something that affects me. I wouldn’t do any spells on just anyone without consideration of all possibilities, however if I want something I get it- I was just wondering what could possibly get in my way, as asked above :relaxed:

Great advice, but I feel it’s only one way of seeing it.

Love spells can be done in multiple ways, from manipulation to sweetening someone up for you. Hell, even sweetening yourself up for everyone and adding more attraction to yourself.
I only hear people in happy marriages/ relationships saying this; once you find yourself you’ll find your partner. This is not the ultimate answer. Theres so many other factors involved that even if you are a very capable human being (taking care of your looks, working out, being social and thriving in life careerwise) it really doesnt do much in finding a partner.

I can only say this from my own experience; when I truly started to look within and do things for me I did find out who I was but I also started to value my time more and noticed it was way harder for me to hang around people who weren’t on the same level - this also meant hanging around places to meet new people became unattractive for me so that I stopped ‘looking for anyone’ when I do feel like going out or being social.
What I’m trying to say here, theres plenty of people who never worked on themselves and are relatively happy in somekind of relationships. Of course it’ll come to surface in the long run, but it doesn’t basically mean that when you do start valuing yourself more, there will be more people in your life doing the same. It will actually most likely clear most of them out.

Ignorance is bliss.


Yeah, understanding myself cleared everyone out, but it was so I could be spiritually married. I’m better off now. I’m an introvert anyway. I don’t want somebody in my life. But I used to think I did (because I wasn’t honoring myself). I did desperate stuff because of it. Every time, it blew up in my face somehow.

If you’re really meant to be with someone you don’t have to manipulate anything. Anything else is fake.

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You could look at it this way:

I’ve never been physically advanced enough to be native to “slutty clothing.” If I wear it, I’m using it in a manipulative way to strive for a result. Anybody I snag with that clothing is not going to stick around long because I don’t have the physical energy to sustain dressing like that. I’m not the real thing. All I’m doing is ensuring disappointment for both parties.

There are people who are so physical, they ARE native to slutty clothing, and it’s not slutty to them, it’s just what they feel comfortable in, because they have such a high physical tolerance. They’re not really trying at it. Anybody those people snag with that clothing will stick around because the clothing is sustainable for them and the person who’s attracted to it is a natural fit. It’s an entire lifestyle they’re breathing 24/7. They’re the real thing. It’s not something they’re doing to try to hook someone. They’d be wearing it even if they weren’t looking for a partner. That’s why it’s never going to blow up in their face.

If I wear slutty clothing, I’m trying to be someone I’m not. I’m seeing the natives get results, I’m studying them, I’m following a formula I’m projecting onto them, and I’m mistaking their natural lifestyle for manipulation, so then I go and manipulate, which ultimately results in failure.

Just replace the clothing with spells.

When you use any kind of manipulation, you’re automatically attracting someone who’s not a natural fit. This is a recipe for dangerous situations like abuse, rape, etc. It also is the reason behind cheating.

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Satanswife I agree with you

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I agree very much with your way of putting it, but I am also clear on my views on how I feel about it :blush:
Thank you for sharing your insight, it was a vey intriguing read.

What are your views in morals with love spells Romina, if you don’t mind me asking? Have you ever performed one yourself, and what do you think could have affected it? (Reference to my first question) :relaxed:

I have heard that it is quite normal in love spells where you’ve got a target for that target to get angry with you after a spell. This is a good sign. The polarity of love is hate. However, I heard in those instances it is best not to fight with the target as that can be detrimental to your working. You’re meant to just roll with the punches so to speak,

I haven’t heard that if you flirt with others it undoes your working. Where’d you hear this?


Thats funny how you phrase it, I consider to have high morals but am fully capable of doing manipulation work :sweat_smile: whatever works, right …

The best results I’ve had were usually the ones I didn’t really care about, which is a bit pity - but otherwise I’d be too invested in it. Also, being too impatient in the past I’ve learnt that even if you want to do spells left and right, just stick to the one you did - one at a time. Otherwise you don’t know if theres and from which one. Love spells specifically; the emotional range we go through the turmoil of not being able to be with someone will lead you to do reconciliation spells and then revenge spells the next week.
Stabilize yourself before you get into these, so you don’t come from a place of desperation.


Interesting, thank you for sharing! Usually I have just gotten angry at this person back, resulting in really bad fights. I’ll take this information on.

And a person who has been practicing magic for several years told me flirting can kill the energy if you are apart from this person, (say reconciliation work) and thus killing the energy. However I have always found myself disagreeing with these views, as much as I usually agree with this person. I always thought “flirting” etc with other people would help your mind stay distracted.

I definitely agree with you here, in the past I once did so many spells looking for the same result, it resulted in a huge money loss and upset, and I got pretty terrible results when things did manifest. It did work, but the lack of belief in myself resulted in even less of a “half” job. I also enjoy convincing myself I don’t care about the results, even if deep down I do, it doesn’t mean I have to think like that :wink: thank you!

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Hi Bea, when you say money loss do you mean you were paying spell casters?
Would you mind describing the ‘half job’ – how’d your love spell manifest, was it targeted at someone?

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