Fighting human trafficking :

I’m not discussing politics but this issue is becoming a big problem in my country and a certain group of immigrants are behind it (yes its confirmed).

What could I do to help the fight from a magickal point (from the shadows)? I’m considering a rite with several deities to bring death and suffering upon the people involved in this and maybe asking Susanoo to destroy their defenses and Hel or Rhea to make my magick untraceable.

The fuck up is I’m afraid I’m only strong enough to influence my town not the entire country. Since I had a good experience with Servitors, I’m also considering making some.

Have any of you done this before? I know one practioner here cursed Hollywood and we know for a fact that politicians and celebrities can be cursed, so how about human traffickers?


Do you have any names on the immigrants thats behind it? If that is the case, you can ask for their secrets to be exposed to the world and be apprehended for their crimes by the police. That usually gets the ball rolling. Sorosoma under Oriens (Theodore Rose/Lucifer and the hidden demons)is very good for this.

Edit: I used this on a shit that made the life harder for us around him,. I knew he was up to something because he had a lot of money for someone who does not work. But I did not know why he had so much money. Some days after the ritual policed took him into custody for extortion and being the middle man for stolen goods. He now serves three years, will be out in 2023.


First I would think practical, bringing death to them might not do much in the long run, but possibly making it so said deities can help in manifesting things being done about it because them dying won’t stop more from showing up and human trafficking usually expands even outside the country.


And wouldn’t that be better than nothing?

I agree with @anon48079295 though.
Death and suffering might not solve the problem. They die and get replaced by someone else.
And what exactly is suffering? A human trafficer losing his beloved family? That might even make them more ruthless in their business. The problem is that the outcome of these actions are not defined and might even increase the problem.


You could try to strengthen the vulnerable targets of this group so that they won’t be easy prey anymore. What makes these people so vulnerable that they could end up as human trafficking targets? Is it a lack of strong and healthy social bonds, is it a lack of education, wealth, material, is it a lack of attention that should be given if someone of these people disappear? Work on that.


I would try to save the victims with magick instead of killing or hurting the traffickers, but thats just my personal preference

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You have given me a very good idea. There is the problem that many police are involved too and it’s actually known that the police take bribes from these people. I think exposing them may be better but the corrupt ones need to be dealt with. I don’t know the names of any of them but there was a guy caught with ties to a syndicate so maybe I start with him?

I like your idea better than my impulsive one. Sorry sometimes I get carried away and you’re right, this does go outside of our country. The sad part is that the civilians take out their anger on the innocent immigrants as opposed to the trash actually causing probelms.

It does seem better than nothing. I think I’ll plan out what I’m going to do more logically. Do you think I should cast a ritual in my house or further away? In case they have witches of their own.

I honestly can’t tell what makes them vulnerable. It’s our own people as well selling out others and drugs and money is what they get out of it.

@MagickVigilante that sounds more logical tbh.

No problem, I get impulsive too lol

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If you start to understand the mechanisms of these dynamics - what people are more likely to disappear just like that, maybe they have a certain age in common, a gender, a social background- you can start to work out a typical victim profile. It makes it more easy to protect them from getting into the traffickers focus in the first place. Prevention is key.

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You know his name?
You know he is involved?
You have an idea who in the police who take bribes? I rather start with them and let the ball rolling and continue the ritual as many times names start to show up/people you suspect are involved.

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@A_Pariah the problem is that they really don’t care who they take. Anything is game for them regardless of race or gender.

I don’t know him personally but they caught the asshole grab the child and run luckily another man managed to save her (maybe I should do a blessing for him). It’s viral and he admired to selling kids for drugs.

I don’t know the police but everyone knows some are involved.
I’ll do that!

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I am not sure if that makes sense. If I would be a human traffick person I would look out for something that would be a “high demand” prey on the market and usually they would share characteristics I would be after to aim for the best price possible. There must be a pattern somewhere. You don’t just sack randos from the street and thinking about what to do with them AFTER you’re stuffing them into a van. Thats too risky, too expensive and too inefficient.


As of now he won’t be telling the police more than he has to. So try a ritual to expose his secrets and see what happens. Then when/if names comes up, do the expose ritual for them.

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The only way to deal with this is render the business useless. Make them bleed money.


The police didn’t charge the fucker for kidnapping, they charged him for assault only. He went missing after he got bail. Had no time for a ritual yesterday damn :man_facepalming:t2:


Im not sure what can be done in the way of magick. I’ve for a short time now have wanted to start up a world wide non profit to combat slavery and the sex trade. No I’m not promoting anything here as the non profit organization i intend to one day start doesn’t even exist yet. Just keeping the rules in mind. If you’re serious about combating slavery then either start up your own non profit or donate to one that you know and trust. Just, advise. Not promoting.


Yes I have projected for this cause and went in like a trojan horse through one of their victims. It worked successfully but the fallout of the working got me a month in the hatch and I almost lost an important romantic relationship at the time (she thought I was dead). So after all this the experience taught me that I don’t owe society or victims shit and to stop playing the hero just because I can. I hope my experience may help you.


Laura Silsby was jailed for child trafficking in Haiti and is now involved in Alertsense (renamed Konexus), a service involved with crises and emergency alerts. This is not a political conspiracy theory, just a thing that has happened:

The New Life Children’s Refuge case was a legal case about an incident which occurred in the chaotic aftermath of the January 12th 2010 Haiti earthquake. On January 29, 2010, a group of ten American Baptist missionaries from Idaho attempted to cross the Haiti-Dominican Republic border with 33 Haitian children, most of whom were not orphans and had families. The group, known as the New Life Children’s Refuge,[1] did not have proper authorization for transporting the children and were arrested on kidnapping charges.[2][3] The missionaries denied any wrongdoing and claimed that they were rescuing orphans and leading them to a Dominican hotel which was being transformed into an orphanage. Thanks in part to intervention on their behalf by former US President Bill Clinton[4], nine of the ten missionaries were later released but NLCR founder Laura Silsby remained incarcerated in Haiti.

So be careful which non-profits you donate to, it’s a known fact (outside this specific case) that predators are drawn to roles where they have access to people who are vulnerable.

Men can do forced labour or be organ harvested, there are tissues as well as major organs that fetch a small fortune on the market, normal women can be sent into domestic labour or used as drug mules, pretty ones go into the sex trade, children have a variety of usaes, none of them good. Probably over-50’s are safe, so long as they don’t happen to have been tissue-typed and match a rare blood group or anything.

List of tissues that have value: What Can Be Donated |


Yes, thats why I asked the OP to create statistics about victims in order to see some kind of pattern: IF children disappear, where do they disappear? How old are they? What family background do they have? IF young healthy men disappear: is there a typical area they won’t return from? (clubs? a “new” workplace no one ever heard from?) IF young woman disappear: did they had new contacts or friends no one ever heard of before? did they disappear from their way back from work? Out of their own living place because no one would ask questions anyway? Would there be a way to erect magickal safety zones for a vulnerable group of people with an XY background?

There are always patterns to these cases and if you know the “prey” you’ll know so much about the predator and where to strike against them.
You CAN start to poke randomly into a group of presumed criminals because they fit a bill and such but this won’t be justice; it would be arbitrariness and it would help exactly no one in the long run.


Fair enough but if the taker’s remit is “grab lone people” or to watch a variety of different people to be taken when possible for different markets, then giving the OP an admin job to do before he can magick things up is a bit of a bugger, I mean it would be unusual to ask someone who wants to curse their cheating abusive ex to access their medical records first and find out of they have a history of abuse, or whatever, before laying the whammy.

Humans are spiritual beings, all OP needs to do is categorise those who take the freedom of other humans, then let magick find its way, I don’t believe in intensively micro-managing anything where the target isn’t a single known individual anyway.

If trafficked kids are themselves being used as lures for example, simply targeting people who are after capturing one category could catch them, and leave the big guys who don’t even bother to know the detauls, but who are bribing law enforcement and behind the whole thing, untouched. :thinking:

JMO! :stuck_out_tongue:

(edit for clarity lol)