Fighting Grey Aliens, the Zeta Reticulans

I have come in contact with these very powerful entities, just on the edge of perception, but fully messing with our world. I have come to believe these things are truly evil no matter how benevolent they may appear. There is much evidence you can research, agreeing with my opinion. This is what I have found effective in fighting back against them.

  1. a combination of summoning Orobas and Haures
  2. a rune curse using Thurz on their name, using a rune pole
  3. finally, summoning Zurhim, of the Necronomicon to destroy them.

These are techniques that I have found to be effective. Please share any you may have too.

Yeah no - I’d like it if you could talk about the reasons and evidence here. This isn’t good enough.
My own direct experience with tall greys in CE5/journeying sessions is not in agreement.

What exactly is your information and how did you reach this conclusion.

I’m not joining your personal vendetta without a decent reason. That would be ridiculous, and not sovereign.


If you say “there is a lot of evidence” but you can’t provide it that’s usually a major red flag to me :woman_shrugging:


I’ve had experience with greys, the whole new age idea that they are messing with our world is created by new agers who took the Christian idea of Jesus vs demons/hell and made it Pleiadeans vs Greys and reptilians.

If anything it’s fighting back what you created with the stigma.


We want evidence. Valid sources, books, videos, people that claim to know. And above all Experience, which is really the only to “Know” something for sure.
Evidence that can be backed up by actual events that are proven to be a direct result of the Greys.


Look, I hate these bug eyes bastards too, but this is going a little too far into new age logic. They’ve taken chunks out of my body but I still wouldn’t say they are evil. They are, in my experience, very clinical. Human morals don’t really mean anything to them. They are no more evil than the scientist tagging an animal, or running tests on a rat.

The whole concept of calling them “zetas” is still a misnomer. They aren’t from any particular area in the universe. They aren’t even actually in space. They exist simultaneously in space and the places between spacetime. In a place that the human mind can not even fully comprehend so our reality filters interpret it as outer space.


That sounds pretty accurate. I don’t know much about them, what we have is mostly rumour and hearsay.

But, it would appear that they are a technological civilisation, even perhaps largely artificial or cloned. Nobody knows why they keep kidnapping humans (and animals) and taking their organs, fetuses, etc…, but I suspect they are not doing that well biologically speaking and need biological matter to keep themselves from deteriorating genetically.

In the starseed community the zeta greys often get confused with the small greys (which are said to abduct and take dna samples from humans to help their dying race) while the Tall Greys are technologically focused, which from my experience fits their bill though the tall grey I met knew how to reach emotions and intention through touch and was a nice experience.

Although I wouldn’t give much hype to the starseed community as to a degree it’s just a new age version of the extremist side of the religious community.

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Should not do this. Turned out less optimally than expected. :thinking: :ghost:

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What happened?

Some of us think the latter, especially, are evil, deliberately and knowingly so, and also both materially and spiritually damaging to all lifeforms including humans, and want that kind of thing permanently ended. :thinking:

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I think this gets into the realms of the subjective. Whether or not one perceives a lack of morals or ethics as evil, or if evil is only evil if done with malicious intent. With neither point being right or wrong but a matter of perspective.

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Oh you have cracked me up today :joy::joy::joy:

Any more cracks and you’ll need gorilla glue o.o


I just love how @Cynical_Soul has gone back to a few workings and decided to point out they were wrong and it didn’t go well :rofl:

Pass me the glue! :sweat_smile:


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That’s just psychopathy given a white lab coat.