Fighting Frozen

Everybody’s been in a fight or at least most people. Through the years I’ve gotten into a few without thinking twice. The idgaf attitude. But recently the past 8 months since working with the goetai it’s like I’m frozen. A year ago it wouldn’t have mattered who I worked with. But I’ve noticed a couple times drama and bs with the chance to fight has came up. And it’s like I’m a statue.
Yes you could say people mature and we pick or fights wisely as we get older. Entities like Belial and Bael who can make one invincible. Who’d think a fight would be no problem. Now it’s to the point id rather curse people than physical get involved. Certain people have short tempers and depending on what’s said and what happened I might have one. Still though it’s like the enitities are holding me back or something. LMK what you guys & girls think and if anything like this has happened to you. Rather or not you use to cuss people out or ball your fist up ready for the K.O. I would very much like to know because it happened today!