Fighting fire with FIRE! Using Demons to destroy personal demons

After being introduced to the works of Koetting, lately I’ve been asking myself…“Mode_439? What is the difference between YOUR demons & Demons?”

Everybody got 'em…right? At least until we become fully Realized, Unite With Our Own Divinity, become an Arahant…however you want to label it.

According to Phil Hine in Condensed Chaos “Demons don’t want to die”. Interestingly then, are such malady’s as:

Addiction & Alcoholism
Mental Illness
Fear & Doubt (the real fiends as far as I’m concerned)

Are these Demons? If so, I’m assuming the Fiends that we’re working with here on BALG can dispel such evils? Or are we humans just “hosts”?

What you say BALG.

I don’t think these are literal demons, I think they are more of the figural sort. I do not doubt that real demons may be able to influence aspects of these afflictions for better or worse. A demon that may plague someone with anxiety and fear could easily push a person into drugs or alcohol as a means to escape.

For example the demon Astaroth is a demon who can cause laziness and rationalized reasonings. These are traits that could cause someone to easily be caught up in different situations which could lead to their destruction.

I do think one could use a demon to help rid oneself of afflictions. Depending on the demon and the restrictions put in place would be the primary factor on how beneficial the working could be. For troubles such as addiction or doubt I would likely seek aid in a demon of ascent to help me push through the obstacles, for illness Marbas would be a good choice for healing.