Fiance Dreamed Of my Death - linked to magick

This morning my fiance woke up, worried and terrified, i asked her " Babe what’s wrong ".

She looked at me and said " I had a strange dream ", i could feel something wasn’t right this was a deep energetic shift in the atmosphere as she said it.

She explained that i died in her dream and that, she was crying and screaming searching through all my books and ’ magick stuff '. This drove her insane she said that she heard someone whisper Odin, while she was looking at my lucifer sigil.

Then She looked into a black mirror and said " I should have listened to him, he’d still be alive if i believed ", then she felled down in tears and woke up.

Hmm ?, interesting here we go another rabbit hole to jump down.


Conner Kendall.

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So… Are you going to die?

@C.Kendall That sounds like quite a dream. From what I’ve learned about dreams, when people see someone in a dream it’s what qualities that person represents to the dreamer. And death could be death of an idea or an era if you will. Hope this helps or provides some insight.

Perhaps contact Odin to ask more about this ?

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Death does not have to mean literal death

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I think this dream has more to do with her magickal awakening then it does with you/rs…

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I agree with you. The dream sounds like she’s awakening to her magick. Maybe finding her own way and becoming less dependant on Connor for that. Possibly Odin is calling to her?


That was my feeling as well… Like it was one of those ‘what would I do if I would ever find myself without him?’ scenarios…

As well as the fact that there was a shift in the energy as she explained the dream.

@C.Kendall Do you do magick together? If she’s not practicing herself, maybe include her in some of your workings?
Even if she doesn’t take part - maybe she can just watch, or help you prepare your work space, or… something like that… until she finds her way…?

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Interesting part to me was

It may be her internal fear of accepting a ‘new you’ with the death of the old one.
Maybe its true, your old self is about to cross over to a new level of expertise in Magic.
She has not clarified, “listened to him?” Odin or you?

Remember this, its a tragic reality of the black magician that he has to walk his paths alone and many a times let go of relationships on the way in order to achieve his internal growth.

Don’t worry guys i found out what it mean’t thanks all.


Okay. Thanks for telling me.