Is there a spell that any one knows that is simple that prevents someone to get pregnant??? It’s not against anyone. It’s just rn I can’t get birth control and tbh I don’t want kids now or in the future.

There is no magick in the world that can replace birth control. The simplest answer is just to make the guy wear a condom and use a spermicidal lubricant.

There are infertility spells but like all spells, they are only temporary, and I highly doubt they are all that effective.

Ok I was just curious. :sweat_smile:. Thank you for the answer tho. If I may ask can I message you… It’s a few questions just not in this topic but for something else… I just need your knowledge and experience if any to answer them.

Sure, go ahead.

working with the dead ( in cemeteries) can make you infertile

Idk if I’ll go that far bc I may get an attachment which isn’t in my agenda😅