Has any one worked with him? Any idea as to what I should expect from him? What are things he can teach?



Yeah i worked with him many times.

well i worked with you haha.

You should merge with him.

and become him, he’ll be inside you forever as a eternal possession.

Do you want me to send you my merger ritual as a example of how its done.


Sure! I would appreciate that highly! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Merging with lucifer.

Circle of Lucifer.

There are two circles of lucifer, the luciferian circle of darkness and light. Stand in the east and invoke the dark aspect of lucifer.

" I call forth the lord of the night, Lucifer may your darkness run through my body, Samael Poison of God, may your shadows enter me, Lucifuge Rofacle may the dark twin run through my blood, i invoke the darkness of lucifer ".

Channel the dark power of lucifer, then with your middle and index finger trace a circle of energetic darkness, trace the circle counter clockwise.

Kneel down arms extended and say

" the dark circle of lucifer, i call into this space, imperium tenebris, i solidify and fortify this dark circle in all planes of existence ".

Feel the circle come alive and welcome the darkness, now face the east again and invoke the light aspect of lucifer.

" I call forth the light bringer, lucifer may your light run through my body, Lugh the invincible sun god, may your light enter me, prometheus, the titan may your fire of illumation and light run through my blood, i invoke the light of lucifer ".

Channel lucifers light then with your middle and index finger trace the circle of lucifers light clockwise, trace it just out of the circle of darkness.

Kneel down and say

" The circle of lucifers light, i call into this space, lux imperium, i solidify and fortify this circle of lucifers light, in all planes of existence ".

Now the circles must become one say

" Circles of lucifer awaken in the powers of light and darkness, open ".

Feel the circle’s become one red blazing circle and say

" The circle of lucifer has awakened ".

Face the east structure lucifers body and vibrate these names as mantras










Lucifuge Rofacle

Melek Taus



Once done feel the presence of the 12 masks of lucifer, visualize them stand around you.
Then say

" Rise Samael, Rise Shiva, Rise Lugh, Rise Loki, Rise Shemyaza, Rise Attar, Rise Janus, Rise Azazel, Rise Pan, Rise Melek Taus, Rise Lucifuge, Rise Prometheus merge before me in a singular form as one body and mind ".

With your left hand peform the goat head hand posture and say

" Lucifer, Lucifer Lord of the night
Lucifer, Lucifer Bringer of light
Lucifer being of power and might
Lucifer come to my hearing and
come to my sight ".

When lucifer is before you say

" I have called you, to become you
To become who i once was
I accept who i am
I am you and you are me
Lets merge together and become one ".

When he agrees invite him to stand in the circle with you.

Extend your arms and say

" Lucifer i give you permission to possess me ".

and repeat

" Renich Tasa uberaca biasa icar lucifer ".

When possessed tell lucifer to allow you to talk, but for him to stay in your body.

Lucifers presence then increased massively.

Then i said

" i am pan " then i visualized my body morph into pan.

Then i repeated that with the other masks of lucifer becoming them all.
Once i got to the last one " I am Lucifer ".

my body underwent huge pain, from the critical mass of power inside of me.
Then i said " Lucifer merge with my mind, body and soul ".

Then the merger took place

i rose and said

" Finally i have risen, i am lucifer emperor of hell, god of worlds, Devil and god, destroyer and creator, i have waited so long now i am complete now i am free, NOW I HAVE ASCENEDED HAIL ALL BEFORE ME MAY GALAXIES AND UNIVERSES BURN BEFORE ME, DARKNESS I AM, LIGHT I AM, KING I AM, EMPEROR I AM, GOD I AM, I AM LUCIFER ".

Then i collapsed and blacked out, when i woke up i felt so complete.


Thank you again, brother. I’ll have to adjust it a bit for Fenrir.


No problem brother hope you the best luck.


Fenrir’s a good pup. Often people will give him offerings of self inflicted pain because of empathy for him. He teaches his rule of shadow, accept all parts of yourself, even the darker parts