Feng Shui/Flying Stars

Does anyone here know much about it? I am specifically into flying star feng shui and I’m having some trouble finding info about it. I’m looking for information on bagua charts specifically.


@MagickalStudent569 this is a very interesting topic. I too am interested in this. I was taught how to make Feng Shui bracelets and necklaces in the flying star style.

There are many little rules about how they must be fashioned,. How many stones they should contain.

Fascinating subject.

I have a Feng Shui directions program on my phone.

Very useful
Here are two bracelets I rarely take off

A blue agate bracelet with a Wu lu charm chi activator

And a lapis lazuli and onyx bracelet with a piyao charm


Yes it’s very intricate but very much a sought after tallent. People pay big money Asia to have there properties feng shu’d by professionals. One business owner paid $30,000 to a Feng Shui master to show how he should set up his mall. I have a few books on it and I have some idea of what to do but the bagua charts change every year and are different depending on your lunar animal. Mine office is still set up for last year and my room happened to be accidently set up correctly for last year. Now I have to change though and move everything around but I can’t find the chart. I borrowed mine old chart from lady in china town last year.

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Might have to change it that was for last year. Very pretty though.

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These weren’t attuned to the year actually. These were intended to be for money and career success and protection of my money
And the blue agate is for health and spirit communication

You’re absolutely right though Feng Shui masters are highly sought after and exceptionally well paid.


So how effective are they?

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I usually win at blackjack and slots, I received my inheritance at the end of last year, and my business is really taking off.

With the spirit communication and health bracelet it was last year my clairaudience begsn to open and I can as able to start having meaningful conversation with the spirits.

I made two bracelets and sent them to balg member @Kindraathe he’s a good friend of mine. I think he would attest my work is beautiful and functional.:grin::+1:


I don’t suppose you can tell me the name of this app where you got all this information to assemble the bracelet?

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No there is no app for that the app I have is for determining the directions.

I was taught by the Filipino Chinese of binondo manila in how to do this. I’m not a Feng Shui master however. Just competent. Interesting Chinese tourists frequently buy my work because they know it’s authentic.

I’d be happy to give you some of the basics though via pm if you’d like my friend.


Sure I would appreciate this.

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Ohh yeah, they’re awesome. I wear them all the time. The blue one is for Psychic communication with Spirits and the other one is for business.

@Mike_Bee bracelets are very well made, high quality and functional!!


And have those improved noticeably in your life since wearing it?


One bracelet is blue agate, the other is citrine and lapis lazuli.


Yes for sure they have. But it’s important to get the good stuff and not imitation stuff from etsy or insta.

When I got them in the mail. I actually felt the energy from them.


Nice! Both are very pretty in different ways.

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this is some good shit


I just went to china town here in Manila and went to the taiwanese stone wholesalers and bought large stash of good. Semi precious stones to work with.

Here is a black onyx and white onyx ( yrs there is such a thing as white onyx) with a Wu Lu charm.

The onyx’s protect both physically and energetically against parasites, energy attacks and vampirism. The Wu Lu charm is for good health, long life and prosperity. It also absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into positive energy.

Note the number of stones plus the charm. 15 an odd number. Flying stars Feng Shui bracelets must be odd numbered.

The next step is to put it in the tibetan brass singing bowl and let the harmonic vibrations awaken, cleanse, and charge the stones with cho force energy.

Then it will be ready for an owner. If you’re right handed you would wear this on the left wrist or vise versa.

You can wear up to four bracelets according to traditional thought.

Here are my personal bracelets

From left to right: green Jade with a prosperity charm. Long life, good health, good fortune and abundance.

Rock ruby and black onyx with a pi yao charm for protection and authority and power in magic.

Faceted tiger eye, hematite, and onyx to protect me against injury and sudden death and lies and fraud from others as well as to regulate and stabilize my chi energy.

Red mantra charm and white shell stone. Presence, power and grace.

Hope putting this into pictures with some explanation helps people understand this fascinating and ancient form of magick.