Feminine energy male energy?

Empathy compassion drive love ego assuming hate anger rage negativity obsession will power Hopeful faithful positive beliefs negative beliefs laughter happiness joyful blissful

I have listed it now which ones are male energy and which ones are feminine energy

I feel like the male energy would be the negative the female would be the positive ones

Could be. Except trying to fit things into neat little boxes typically doesn’t work when the details are examined.

Deities frequently appear both as male and female, so you’re trying to say that they can only act certain ways in certain forms? That doesn’t jive with what I’ve experienced by any stretch.


Both are positives and negatives, feminine energy isn’t any more or less positive/negative than masculine energy. You can either work with one or the other or neither at all.

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I personally dont believe in feminine energy. To me, all energy is masculine and all structure is feminine.

It all depends on context and comparison to what. The labeling isn’t important. You should be asking, is this current energy compatible or useful to you at the moment? some energy isn’t good for you unless you’ve gone through certain spiritual growth. certain energy attract similar energy.

that’s why those that have negative bad energy attract those type of energy or people with those energy and isn’t ready for good healing energy. They gravitate toward hateful energy . that’s why it’s hard for those folks to get out of their situation sometimes. They constantly attract and create those energy that bring trouble. They get a high off it. Until they grow past it, they won’t even notice good healing energy.

Not to say that those with them energy are bad folks. It’s only bad when they act on their negative harmful energy. Many people have bad thoughts/energy, they just don’t act on it with their will.

It’s ok to embrace many types of energy. One can always redirect energy for usefulness weather it’s bad or good. They are all resources of energy emotional power.

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Never said that