Female spirit forcing me to marry her

What to do in this condition: A spirit propose marriage you reject, and then it gets heated. I said I want an open relationship, but the spirit insisted on marriage.

What do you think?

Well, a spirit cannot force you to marry it if you don’t want to. And if the spirit keeps insisting, despite being told no, then it is not respecting your boundaries and should be given the boot.

You are the ultimate authority on your life, and if you don’t want to marry, you don’t have to.

The only question I have is, did you discuss what you wanted from the relationship with the spirit before getting involved? Generally, before getting into any kind of relationship, but especially one with a spirit, your prospective partner should be made aware of what you want from it. In the mundane world, for example, not everyone wants to get married, or have children, for example, so it’s always best that such things are talked about right at the beginning.


I understand what you meant.
The intent was that it’s just a friendship, but then somehow it developed into what is stronger. I was asked multiple times for children, but I reject the idea.

Sounds like pushing boundaries, “give and inch they take a mile” type stuff, common in abusive relationships, consent and demands on your personal choices is not given, it’s being demanded.

Imagine if a human friend of yours has a regular partner do this, and was telling you this story… it wouldn’t be ok then, would it… and it’s not ok here, imo. Not least, for spirits this is very unusual and suspicious behaviour normally associated with parasites… meaning, the reason for this monopoly on your energy is not about insecurity or jealousy, it’s about preserving access to the food supply.

You can’t “insist” on marriage, you propose (nicely on one knee and the ring out) and hope you are accepted. If you have no choice it’s just some form of slavery.

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Sure. But on the spirit side, there’s no aggression or abuse to accept marriage, it’s more like arguing. Previously, I told the spirit I will think about it and tell you. Then after few weeks she asked for a final decision, and I told her I want an open relationship. She was unhappy, and told me that we should get married because we are a perfect match and she sees me as her husband.

Oh not so much insist, but ask in a persuasive way?

… it doesn’t really sounds at all like a “perfect match” if there are needs not being met which are the reason you’d want an open relationship… and she’s not listening to your needs in this case… is she offering reasons that she can make up for things like, the lack of human intimacy and experiences?

Does she know human marriages can be open as well? I don’'t really see why “being married” would make a difference anyway? :thinking:

It’s not like a human where there are physical, financial and family needs and issues with open marriages, there’s no real reason from a stability perspective. Most entities are not emotional in the same way humans are for this reason. They haven’t got the same drivers. That’s why I’m suspicious of her motives.

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Well from what I understood from the spirit, is that she would absolutely love marriage, like she will be very happy if I agreed, but if don’t agree, it’s more like that she will be frustrated but still respects my decision. Add up to that, she wants to have children specifically with me, which is, for me very creepy because I dislike the idea of having children.

She criticizes human relationships a lot, like the fact that female partners barely give anything in return to their husband, and always demanding materialistic stuff in exchange for love and true intimacy. She told me that she won’t demand so much from me, and will give me all the intimacy I need always.

Now thats what I call a red flag.

Seriously, no one who is able to bring something of true substance to the table would have to belittle others only to look better in comparison.


Really? Dunno who’s relationships she’s been watching to have that view, but it seems pretty skewed. I’m sure some relationships are like that, but far from all of them, and for some it’s vice versa.
As a woman I’ve been the vice versa on that one myself, so it’s not that I don’t sympathise, I kinda have the same wariness for people, but it’s not hard to ask questions of people and make sure they have thier own means in the dating phase before getting heavy… or to not get heavy and keep it to just long term gf/bf, never moving in together stuff. (Like, don’t date anyone that lives with thier parents and hasn’t got a car and a job, cos I don’t want them deciding my place is nicer and never leaving, that’s another form of parasitism I just don’t need.)

:thinking: If that’s what you think, however, that’s a different issue, otherwise it seems like like a scraping the barrel argument to me.

Well those are some next level psychic skills you have to give up human touch, eating out together, having her treat you to breakfast in bed, flix and chill, going on vacation, camping, to music concerts, and other experiences that you really need her to have a body to fully get into as a together thing. Or are you just ok to give all that up? And she’s ok for you to miss out?


You made a good point.
I think she said we could be a perfect match, probably because she knows me well, that I’m an introverted, loner, and not outgoing type of person, naturally and not due to whatever problems.

That’s the reason why I don’t want to enter a marriage commitment with a spirit, add up the fact that she told, if we’re to get married, I should forget about human partners.

Actually, she always yell at me when I think about dating or watch these couple videos.

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There is a rule if you get married to her. It’s like you become her possession.
High Spheric Occultists advise not to do that.

I compare this to a pact for life with a spirit. She can stimulate you physically, there is no issue here.
If you both are efficient in magick she can have a real body and can come to this world,
but If you betray her you are dead. It what I have heard.

You have more possibility living with a human than spirit

Be wise, and manifest authority.

You can fuck a spirit?

Technically, yes, in their plan or sphere.
You get there as a spirit, :unamused: but it is really putting yourself down to inferior.

Please tell me how, is it possible to feel her and do doggy position? forgive my perverted mind.

Learn astral travel or at least practice clairsentience abilities

Hannnnnnnn? :open_mouth:
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Are you serious?
It can be disturbing, really not joking. It can be an addiction and worse than that.

Please study the matter and think twice before doing any actions. :thinking: