Felt an energy paralyze me

This morning I was woken up by this low voice and it was laughing. I tried to ignore it. As I was drifting asleep I could feel this energy through my body. I was curious so I receptive this feeling, it got stronger and the back of my neck started vibrating. I didnt wanna risk what it was so I started to resist. I could barley move to fight it off. I thought maybe it was me slipping into a sleep paralysis but I usually wake up in that or in dream. Maybe it was possession I thought.
What was this? Never had that experience before.

I had similar experiences a couple times when i was a child, and quite a few in my 20’s. Before I heard of sleep paralysis i thought it was spirits. Whether sleep paralysis is just science’s explanation of what is actually not merely a physiological occurence, or it really is , I dont know.

As soon as I got really serious about my magical studies and practice it stopped. I have no idea why. It may help for you to create a talisman or do some simple protective work.


The only piece of jewelry that has followed me to my dreams is Hecates Wheel. The strophalos, which even in dream i instinctively clasped, ended what felt like something taking over my body - i have no doubt the individual who i had spoken with in the dream who ran away when the attack began had sent some sort of spirit, but as soon as i grabbed it, my cat crawled down my shoulder, and the dream faded with her purring on my shoulder in reality, my hand clasping the wheel, and the remnants of sleep paralysis fading - i could immediately take control of my body.

as a child i had bouts of sleep paralysis. i was raised devoutly catholic and id recite st michaels prayer in my mind until i could speak it aloud. i never had a bout end as quickly as it began as i did with hecates wheel - merely touching it.

i would suggest drawing it and put it under your pillow or wherever nearby youre comfortable and asking hecate to protect you in sleep. here is what it looks like:

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I’m not sure if it was SP for sure cause I always wake up in a SP, which there is some science to and I know SP is the way to projecting so I try to embrace it. It’s weird how as I was drifting, feeling something paralyze me.

Yeah I’ve been feeling attacked in my dreams/sleep lately so I’ll try the wheel thing out.

Taking skullcap regularly before bed can do wonders for nightmares and dreamtime that is more active than is wanted.