Fellow Empaths-What are your blocking methods?

So I am an empath. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. I can feel exactly what others feel even through a message or a piece that is written. No, I’m not talking about normal human empathy that everyone usually feels. It can drive me crazy sometimes. What techniques can I do to block this out?


I feel your pain(pun intended)

It never stops but you can learn to cope and ease it. Recognizing others emotions makes it easier to not let those emotions control you.

First thing ive found. Sex is a connection for us. We take on their pain, traumas, likes, and loves. They may not manifest immediatly but the longer you connect, the more you have sex, the more of their energy you take on. This is why we empaths “copycat” people. We unconciously integrate assets of others into ourselves. Everyone does this on some level, we do this to the extreme where you will sometimes find yourself emulating a person down to their very dialect and microexpressions.

To counter this, you must either be selective or dont let your barrier down. This will dampen sex. Youll know when your energetic walls come down because youll feel a passionate butterfly like feeling and youll want to pull yourself in closer to your partner. Just detach from this emotion and keep the sex at rhe “fucking” mood instead of thr “making love” mood.

The other thing is to program your energy. I use gold light on top of blue light(morelike turqoise). I program my aura to “dampen negativity, mix negative energy with my healing green energy and send it back to them” . this is because im fairly good at recognizing the feelings that arent mine and dont mind the connection as my aura heals them.
For you id suggest just programming your aura ro block it.

However our desire dictates aura. So you must be EXCLUSIVE. By this i mean you must be very choosy with who you allow yourself to want to get close to. As soon as you want to get close to them, your aura lets them in and you will experience their emotions.

This is how i cope. The only person whos emotions get through are my lover’s and those i choose to let in.


I see, I shall try this out and see if it works best for me

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I agree with everything @SeekerofK has posted, you have to be very, very cautious as to who you let come close enough to be able to affect you, which can happen a lot faster than most empaths realize. Self-awareness to the highest possible degree, and building an energetic defense mechanism for yourself (which requires training) can save you a lot of grief in the long run. I recently found out that I’m not only an empath, but also a psychic vampire, yay!


a small meditation that i found that is helpful is an adaptation of something that i came across while i was experiencing “inner self” while sitting cross-legged and eyes closed.

start with the elements (bare with me).
Air First
Then Fire to solidify the earth

afterwards expand your conscience beyond the surrounding four elements and see yourself in space (for an example) the quiet and serene nature of the cosmos only being the constant apparent reality of your mind.

This I see would be of benefit. I don’t know if it will help but it is an essence an elemental shielding.


Most empaths have natural vampiric abilities. Are we empaths or just born magicians unconciously sucking up energy? I do believe there is a correlation.


Absolutely, I also believe there’s a connection. I’ve had such a hard time understanding why I felt the way I did.


Black obsidian kept next to the skin when I want to dull it but makes me feel awful, almost depressed. Meditation. The sexual advice is point on. I also have cairaudience and vision at times. I can’t block it but can kind of manually move it to the side. I picture putting the thoughts, feelings, visions that aren’t mine to the lower left of my mind like a bin. Sometimes nothing works and it can take a minute to realize that I’m not the one in pain if that makes sense. Bars, churches, places really desperate people hang out can be brutal. I’ve never seen it as a gift.


Yes!! Sex really is the biggest gateway to let someone in and flood you. If you let yourself “be”, the sex will be amazing. But you will acquire a lot of baggage because of it.



I use a number of techniques.

The first thing that I needed to do was to know what belongs to me and what is someone else’s. Often times, I will pick up on symptoms days or even weeks before I come into contact with the individual.

Not just that, I sense and pick up on the energy of natural and man made disasters days or hours before they happen. For example, the Ethiopian plane crash that happened recently, I was feeling the fear of the passengers a few days before it happened.

So, it really helps when I can tell its not my own shit I’m feeling.

Now to the techniques.

  1. I create a multi-layered shield around me at all times, linked to my name, so that whenever someone says my name, the shield is reactivated and energised.

  2. Whenever I’m going out, I use a mantra to further bind my aura, so nothing external to me is onboarded. Let me know if you would like the mantra and it’s method of use.

  3. Draw in my Aura. As empaths, our aura tends to drift out on its own to interact with the energies it’s sensing. At these times, you will start to feel like absolute shit, because your aura is absorbing everything like you’re a sponge. So, I visualise and draw in my aura to about an inch of my physical body. Try this, you’ll feel like a normal person. It’s amazing.

  4. Coconut oil and salt. I mix the two and keep it in my bathroom. Before showering, I massage myself with it. It draws out all of the latent orgone energy and rubbish we’ve absorbed. After my shower, I can feel a mild barrier between myself and the rest of the world.

Hope that helps.


Can I have the mantra?

You are a walking, talking mirror. You can also tip a large water glass over a table upside down to drown out annoying people. All within the mind.

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