Hello, i write this post to know a essential part of magic…how you push your fellings and energy to a sigil/candle/etc.?
I do this, i imagine a beam being pulled out of my body to a sigil…i do something similar with the fellings, i do this questions because i don’t feel that Works.

Thanks in advance

I tell you i could talk about this at length. This is part of what i call “The Fundamentals of Magick”. Which we are working on as a regular thread.

Before you can really get into investing your energy into something, be it sigil, candle or whatever, you need to be able to feel your energy.

First off, i would you to consider a concept. that ALL space is fluid. Imagine what it is like to be in the water. All space is essentially like this, just thinner and invisible. If you have used acid/lsd/mushroom or anything like that, or have watched someone on them, you have done or seen done the act of waving your hand infront of your face and marveling over the way it almost seems as though you are parting the air. Not unlike the way water moves as you drag your arm through it.

Some call this Ether, it has many names but what you call it is up to you. What it is, is raw free flowing energy. if fills the space around us and it is magickally conductive. Meaning it allows the flow of energy from one body to another in a form of cohesion.

Start with that. Learn to feel it around you. play with it, have fun with it. if you can… feed on it. it is the stuff of the universe and it is there for you to make use of.

I will leave it at that for now. i dont want to overwhelm you. i will answer your follow ups but for now focus on just learning to feel the energy around you. Dont be surprised if things start to take off for you at that point.