Fehu rune

This rune states for black magick rites that it instills fear and dependance in an enemy. Does this translate to you depending on the enemy or the enemy depending on the operator? Clarity is a neccesity here

Look at the Runes from a more shamanick (spiritual man of knowledge) perspective, instead of from tradition, or from a book or “certain websites.”. Each Rune does have meanings like that yes, but you must go much deeper to understand the reasons for that, as well as what else it could mean. To understand it’s true nature.

This does not answer my question. Im asking for clarity not off some site or backwards info.

@asbjorntorvol can you answer this

Well I didn’t want to have a spoon-fed discussion. Do not take offense at what I said. Tell me first, a detailed write-up analysis of what you know of Fehu, then pose an answer to your own question and why you think that. I Just want a more in-depth discussion, before I give my own take.

Your asking for my take on Fehu i was asking for clarity from asbjorn who has some considerable more knowledge of this rune. I am not however inciting a debate on my thread i never do and yet here it is with you

I am giving you the real help you need. Please do not be a sore. The reason I thought you got it off a website is because I am sure you did, which was from the JoS, although not verbatim. Keywords: Fear, dependent.


It is important that the Rune is discussed, because it shows real learning on a magick forum supposed to discuss magick, and not just simply Text Book Magicians. Likewise, it “prunes” The forum of stupid questions that could’ve been simply sent to PM…

Well does it depend on the enemy or operator? Does magick depend on the enemy or operator? Please be more clear or is this a dumb question you pose.

It is not a dumb question it is one for clarity where the answer would be where the will is directed. But i would like to hear solid information regarding the runes

Ok just trying to understand your question.

Well, it depends on both enemy and operator. That dependence relies upon your Power Level, skill in how you direct the power…as in how many variations of Technique you can use the Rune, which was why I was alittle curious as to your knowledge of Fehu. But then it also depends also how skillful the enemy is in handling you assuming they are not a passive dummy. But I might’ve misunderstood your question, and if I did then please let me know what you meant.

Well pertaining the fehu rune in what i know when it says dependant and binding to an enemy it does not state in which direction this is where my thought of will and direction comes into play so when i visualize this rune do i also drop mind and manifest in blank evocation what i want to manifest with this rune? This is one application i have thought of

With the runes, it’s often helpful to look at what powers each rune associates with or connects to as well as the etymology of the runic name. Fehu, for instance is connected to the Vanir, particularly Freya and her brother Frey (also called Ingvi or Ingvi Frey). The Vanir are beings of fertility, so the upside of this rune would relate to love, joy, success, and especially money. Fehu can also symbolize the life force that is within every being. Good vibes essentially. And when turned upside down, the rune denotes the opposite. So that would mean poverty, isolation, sadness, vampirism, and so on and so forth. Fehu is a very complex rune.


Frater has more or less nailed it here.

However, I would say that the “upside down” of these runes needs to be cleared up. Runes are not casted the way that tarot cards are pulled. While the runes individually do have benefits and pitfalls they do not have an upside down, good or bad position. They simply are. The runes do not mirror polarity they simply encompass what they are.

If I cast fehu there is as much chance of be drawing in what I consider to be its positives as their is its negatives regardless of the position it is drawn in. The runes are entities, each rune having its own consciousness.

Fehu for the most part is Livestock, abundance and as Frater so well put life force or creation.

What I will say is get these solid definitions out of the head. The word rune means mystery/secret and as such every rune must be concluded by the magician.

Look at the rune poems, meditate on them and then draw your conclusion.

I have never in any of my work read Fehu being used for fear, and with the rune poems as a reference it doesn’t suggest it to me personally.


I think he meant merkstave