Can you please scan that and say what you feel?

Personally, I feel pure chaos when looking at it. Like something is pulling on my heart. Anxiety… but that’s just me.

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Disorder, some caos and aziety too

What is this? It’s been bothering me since I’ve “scanned” it.

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maybe because the rare lines and little geometrica, just seems like rage in other language idk

More specific?

let me translate, I speak spanish

you feel disorder, anxiety, some chaos, it seems anger in some unknown language, the lines are poorly defined and do not seem to have been in harmony

anger, irresolution, and something else I cant get completely: the other thing is like waiting and patience becoming a burden or a penitence
i think i get it like been patient and waiting has become a burden and a penitence so theres anger and the feeling of something thats still waiting for resolution