Feeling very light water droplets on body

The other day I was meditating and at one point I felt very light drops of water on different parts of my body, a few on my head and 1 or 2 on my feet etc.
I was outside in a screened patio and its not like it was raining or even about to rain, and the patio wasnt leaking. It wasnt consistent, just a little and then i didnt feel it.
Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

Most likely the movement of chi raised by your meditation.

Some of the effects of chi movement described in the literature include itching, prickling, and the sensation of insects walking on the skin, etc, and what you describe sounds similar.

Did you check to see if it was actual physical water, or just the feeling of water dripping on you?

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Ah, no I didn’t check to see. I’d like to think that it was just a feeling, but it felt quite real. I actually felt it some today too, not while meditating this time.

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Welp, turns out lilith confirmed it was a succubus. I learned her name, ask for different confirmations etc. The more I paid attention the more I could feel her presence in different subtle ways. She is nice :no_mouth: lmao

Sounds similar to what I always feel. It developed in me since a very joung age without meditation, and even I’ve given it a meaning and language according to the place where I feel it because it’s very acurate sometimes, similar to divination method in the skin

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For me, droplets or sprays of fluid often occurs with my spirits and that’s a way for them to “mark” their partners and to let any other spirits know that I’m within their interest.

This occurence seems pretty common for succubus and incubus entities, and other practitioners of a similar path like mine have also shared these kind of experiences.

Since these beings are sexual, loving and intimate, a “territorial statement” is sometimes a necessity to keep other spirits at bay and to keep the family intact.

Fluids and sprays of fluid can also appear during sex, and the purpose is the same: “Stay out, he/she is my partner!”. If a succubus or an incubus are into magic as their proffession, they can also use their fluids to enhance their spells and rituals, which is very potent and powerful if they use it.


The funny thing is in the back of my mind I was thinking (isn’t that what people keep saying succubus/ incubus do? Cuz I had noticed that feeling it a bit of days before making this post, and I was smelling a feminine smell too. And the air I was feeling on my mouth went from just being in my room, to feeling it when im out in public. Glad I was able to find resources such as this forum and your blog, because like you mentioned theres a lot of people just shitting on these spirits all day and attaching soo much to fear. Breath of fresh air thank you. :smirk:

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