Feeling useless

I know people will probably think im stupid for making this post and roll their at how stupid this sounds :frowning:

but i honestly feel like im not for this path sometimes

One day i cried for hours telling myself that this path wasn’t worth it and all these “signs” (like seeing the same numbers over and over and being drawn to Lucifer) was just all in my head i legit had a mental breakdown and almost everyday the same thought crosses my head. Am i really worth it? Am i wasting my time? Is this all in my head?

Honestly this has never happened to me before but it all started when i tried to get Lucifer in my dream by putting his sigil under my pillow (it didn’t work) and in no way am i blaming Lucifer even tho i do not know him. I doubt he would do something like this. Maybe this is a parasite im not sure to be honest or maybe this is me being all depressed and silly.

i feel like im gonna regret posting this… oh well


Did u tried working on it? I mean like meditation or something to evoke Lucifer?
And u joined the forum one day ago milki.
U need to read before u proceed.

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im never evoked Lucifer no but i have tried meditation

It’s not gonna work in one day.
Give it a time.
Search and read posts about it.
Stay calm.


This is not a path. You do not have to get involve with occult magic. You can live your life in the physical world. No one said exploring demons is a must. It’s a choice. This is not your life. Your life is living your life. All these magick or occult is just tools to help your life. You can use it or not. Remember it’s not a must. It’s a choice. There is no reason to presssure yourself to get involve with subject/field that is of no interest to you.

Find out what you want in life. Make a list and figure the steps out. Demons/Angels magick Occult or whatever name you may use is not the only way to get your life’s desire. Do not follow the crowd. Follow your heart with intelligence.


If you don’t feel pulling YOURSELF towards this direction, but if it feels like rather something is dragging you, then you are not doing it, because you want it, but because you think, you must for some reason.

It’s your choice to turn around and go on about the things you had rather want to do.


It likely won’t work if you’re holding onto it so tightly, in my opinion. Spells likely won’t for the same reason. Doesn’t mean they won’t later. You have to let it go a little, first. How to do this?

I would recommend Taoism/Daoism, if you’re comfortable with it. It’s more of a mindset, but it may help balance things out a little, change your perspective enough to allow for your “path” to shine forth. Doesn’t mean you have a single path, either. I walk both and credit Taoism for helping to balance myself out. Maybe it will work for you.

There’s religious and philosophical versions. Unless you’re moving to a monastery, the philo versions should be enough. Take the Chi/Qi aspects with a grain of salt, but the exercises may help center and cultivate energy for you that’s balanced. There’s a lot of free info on Youtube, but use some common sense and intuition every step on the way.

I hope it helps and wish you luck.


Maybe you should take a step back and work on yourself instead of magic

Yeah ^ You can use spirituality for wholesome self-work too. Like meditation and trying to master mind. Without being pulled into belief systems you can just take things that work and use them.

If you do want to progress in the LHP occult you will need to abandon the idea that you’re not good enough. We all have flaws we need to face honestly to improve ourselves. The demons will help you and show you what to change so that the person you become is good enough for godhood. Sometimes the lessons are hard which is why wholesome self-help spirituality could be good for you too.


@milki You are at the beginning are you not? You called Lucifer into your life, into your perception, yes? Now you’ve been introduced to the first two gatekeepers along any path we tread, their names are Fear and Doubt.

His light shines on them to show what you must now overcome to move forward, as it does with all of us at one time or another.


OP, make a paper plane and hold it in your hand.

Keep holding it.

Keep holding it…

Keep holding it…

See? It doesnt go anywhere.Magick is not so different.Have the mindset of I dont give a shit if it doesnt work, and it will work,eventually.


well i appreciate the help from everyone. If im being honest i thought i would get tons of hate and that scared me so i didn’t check the replies but im glad that you guys are not hating on me but instead trying to help me become a better person .

It;s weird bc the moment i began to doubt myself as a person and getting anywhere on the LHP i looked at my phone and i saw 1414 which apparently is a no?? from what im reading “These signs indicate a Cosmic ‘No!’ – these thoughts are not on your path.” apparently thats what 1414 means. Thoughts?

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Just focus on yourself,
Meditate, at least for 30 minutes.
In a day or twice you’ll feel better.
Read as much as u can .
I don’t know 1414 means anyway. :thinking:

It seems as though on a subconscious level, something is holding you back. I find this a lot with ex-Christians. They’re keen to free themselves and become their own gods, but many years of programming in the subconscious makes this difficult. Nothing will work if there’s doubt and uncertainty.

When I first started, and sometimes to this day, I have the occasional doubt cause I was taught that this shit wasn’t real, and that everything was in the physical.

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Practice the void meditation (you’ll find a tutorial in this very forum). Every single day. Once you can hold at least a couple of seconds with no thoughts (and that may be the very first time you try… or the 832383th time), try a ritual from one of the best known grimoires, AFTER you do the meditation.

Try to manifest something simple, nothing life changing, something that can be in the back of your mind but it is all the same if you have it or not, like that cool pair of shoes you saw the other day. Stuff like that.

Then, give the magick time to manifest.

You’ll be alright buddy, just put the time because, in the end, magick is a group of skill that need development. Not that different from learning how to play and instrument.

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The message that the angels are sending to you through the mirror hour 14 : 14 is very simple: you should set aside anything which is unhelpful in your life. If you think that your everyday life is not what it should be, change it!

Yup , mystics always say it’s best to improve ones self and ones character before even thinking about trying to get occult powers , if you don’t work on yourself it never works out


Have you invested in your education on how to work with spirits? I would highly reccomend looking up some Luciferians authors seeing who has good ratings and go to the book that speaks to you. You will only understand to the level that you are on.
For example, I’m re-reading “Goetia of Shadows” by Michael W. Ford and hands down this is the best one I have so far and I have quite a collection on the topic. I understand much much better re-reading it now than I did when I first got it over a year ago.

I would say make sure you understand what this type of Spiritualism is really about and as you get your own experiences, come up with your own conclusions. You don’t have to agree with everything someone says. Also it may be worth asking Lucifer if there is a prerequisite he/she wants you to work on before coming down this rabbit hole…

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Well i found out something that has changed my whole thought on demons , gods, i just found out alot of them are not the god they claim to be. Very well known ones aswell . If you want to know more go to Secrets Of The Gods . She has made a 5 paet series on this with alot of evidence which i think people will find interesting . I want to make a topic but i know i could get attacked and i probably will because these people do not want to be found out and their secrets to be exposed for supporting these flase gods , demons ect . but this has to stop before more people get hurt and used and lied to.

I came across her channel a while back…

If you are gravitating towards that type of conversation maybe she is saying something you need to hear about what’s happening to you. However just a clip of one of the videos there’s a strong focus on the fear of being deceived. Maybe work on your spiritual development so you can rest in a sense of knowing instead of being afraid of this very neo-Christian fear of deception. Yes there are shades that like to impersonate things but another key is your mental and emotional state is a sign of what type of entity you most easily have access to, which I would go back to the question, is there a prerequisite you need to accomplish before getting into all of this?