Feeling tired after invocation

Greetings everyone,so yesterday I did the invocation of omnipotence from E.A’s book,Evoking Eternity.
Nothing special happened,except I felt like I could do many things I cant even if I tried my hardest,but it is no big deal.
But today I feel like a dead man walking,I have no energy for anything.I remember E.A wrote that one might feel very tired afterwards,but what am I asking is,is that common to even affect you to next days or so ?

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Happens to me quite a lot. Other times I feel well rested however, depends on the spirit and the desire I suppose


Never tried this invocation, but tell us, do you do any energizing ritual before main ritual?

No and I must learn one now,I guess

Try it, there are some energizing rituals, maybe modification of middle pillar ritual, or solar grounding, and share you experience here :slight_smile:

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I tried to do middle pillar yesterday and I realized I completely forgot about it but I will relearn it,I promise :smile: I will look at orter two as well today

Well,I did the middle pillar before the invocation like you have suggested,and the result is simply amazing.Middle pillar has many benefits and I just found one of them is boosting the outcomes of other rituals :blush: Thanks for the advice!

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