Feeling stuck in spiritual growth - if anyone can contact the spirits it's be great

I just needed some guidance.

The only thing I really feel from demons like Lucifer, belial, Azazel, Dantalion is sexual energy. I Know there’s a lot more to lhp.
. But like I think can evoke them just by thinking about them
I don’t really know what the next step is.

I slept with belial and dantalion sigil and each time something weird happened. With belials I dreamed that my sister was grinding on me and I was trying to back away lol and with dantalion I got sleep paralysis

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You get what you’re looking for :woman_shrugging:

We don’t do that here. We promote the “get on your own feet because no one likes to do the work for you” movement :blush:


I tried contacting them via mind since can’t really do candles.

Wdym I’ve been asking for knowledge.

I even told belial/Azazel I don’t want sex without getting to know then first

Your words contradict your desires.


That doesn’t really disprove that I’ve asked for knowledge. I wanted knowledge from Lucifer in seventh grade, then I went away from the lhp but now I’m back

Lucifer is all about new knowledge and findings, some describe him as the “aha” moment when you think of a good idea or new realizations. I’ll channel them for you because I know what it’s like to be stuck and can empathize…

Channel 1: BELIAL Aasaa needs to focus on her personal ascent, she is to complacent in her life and is too scared or unwilling to change, without proper pressure she will not learn how to get herself out of a rut, the channeler here deals with a similar problem, wanting US to do all the work for you will do nothing for YOU. It will only give you temporary happiness, you only think you want everything given to you both cuss you are both upset and tired of your life. THE ANSWER: Do something about it no amount of drugs or complaining will help only true purpose and meaning will help!

Meditate, call on sigils do your research, you can’t possibly be stupid enough to rely on one source of information for all your spiritual and occult needs, we like to see you ascend but we can only get so far if you drag your feet in the physical!

Channel 2: LUCIFER I agree with Belial, you complain about what we give you but do little to help yourself, have you done any critical thinking as to why you can only feel creative sexual energy from us? It’s cuss we want you to create a new life, and this is not lust (hints the weird sister dream). Transmute your energy and change from within, here you will find light and the end of the tunnel that will illuminate that which was once in the past, hard lessons are hard for a reason do not disregard them.

I think that’s all you need for help at this point, the road is rough and tough, you can go back to being normal but that’s not what ascending is, ascending is becoming the greatest version of yourself and that means looking at the ugly aspects, trust me I know it fucking sucks but we just gotta embrace the suck sometimes. I cant tell you how much I just wish I could manifest things in 3D but that’s not how things work here on Earth. An there’s a reason we came here to deal with these mundane rules and laws (it’s to learn and grow and infinite spiritual beings).

Basically, this life summed up in one quote!


Wait how did you get clear cut answers like that. hank you. I did a spell with belial and Lucifer and the realization of it would help others including myself


I didn’t said you didn’t asked, I said it’s not what you desire. Maybe deep down, but your lust is way higher and intense. Same goes the other way, if you ask sex from Spirits when you desire knowledge, Spirits will give you knowledge.
There is a reason why our feelings and desires matter so much.

For example if you cast a spell while feeling anger and hate but word it as a love spell or a blessing, what do you think will happen? Not good, huh?

Anyway, just saying.


That’s right, buddy. How about you slow down. You’re asking for a lot.


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Yo I already got the message thx