Feeling spirits presence

I invoke a good spirit during my free day’s. And I felt the touch and presence of the spirit. And I ask him what His name is, it said they came from the world called Gods of Arena. They were abandoned spirit in ancient times. It showed me to draw 12 bounded figure in a circle and ever since I drew that, I began to see spirits in different forms. Has any one heard of the name Gods of arena before.

Sounds like the title of an online game and film


Yes, according to our friend, Google, Gods of Arena is a strategy and tactics game where gladiators fight to death :woman_shrugging:


It’s not completely implausible that egregores are formed from these things, which then become sentient self-aware beings, with a sense of self-preservation and unique personalities, who begin seeking more life and an increase in their capabilities, if you accept the basic ideas which underly chaos magick. :thinking:

Or (whether you do, or not) that some ancient spirits whose names have been erased from our records eagerly grab hold of these new modern “mythologies” and begin using them as their new mask or interface, so the fact it quoted gaming names doesn’t immediately mean it’s not a valid spirit, and worth exploring.

But without being rude, it would require several different magicians with experience to be able to verify this in order to lift it from the realm of “unverified personal gnosis” (which does not mean “useless” - just that it’s a thing only you can perceive) into being taken more seriously, because humans are herd animals.

But also on the plus side, multiple independent verifications will probably add power to the spirit’s ability to act in and fully perceive our own realm, if it is a real and self-aware spiritual entity.


Also from what I’ve gathered throughout my experience, spirits will present themselves in a way that personally speaks to you – whether it is the truth or not, it is guiding you to a path that has your best interests at heart – so whether or not Gods of Arena is even a “thing” outside of a game, continue speaking with this spirit. They may just try to strike your specific fancy so that you are open to listening and learning.

Perhaps they are so long forgotten that “Gods of Arena” was their way of connecting to the current world in order to get in touch with you.


When they spoke of “Gods of Arena” how did you feel? Did it strike a certain chord within your heart? Maybe others on this forum will also feel drawn to this and we can work as a team to help you.

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You could of caught the eye of a thoughtform, since they require belief and thoughts of many to really retain any spec of existence. Especially when it comes to games and any form of fiction. The more who feed them energy the “stronger” they are as thoughtforms, I wouldn’t get them mixed up with actual entities but they “exist” nonetheless.

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