Feeling sick at a magick store

Hey there everyone,

I wanted to share with you an intense experience I recently went through at a magick store. They had an event going that weekend, so I decided to go and explore. The store was big, divided into two main sections. When I was in the first section I was excited, looking at witch stuff from the 19th century. Then, I stepped into the second section which was more about ritualistic stuff. In there I started feeling like the air around me was heavy. After a while I felt as if I was being chocked from the inside, dizzy and I felt a sense of anguish. Later, I felt angry, I felt hatred (for no reason at all) I left the store and after a while I was myself again. On top of this being weird, two of my friends said that they felt drained and dizzy. What do you think happened there? To me it felt like the spirits in there didn’t like us and wanted us to leave, but why?? Has this ever happened to anyone in here?

Thank you for reading this and if you reply :blush:

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Yes, I have experienced what you are talking about. I have experienced this in different settings and not only spiritual shops. Ex. I used to go to a Botanica and the man who worked there always Stormed out of his office when I would show up. He looked scared when I would show up. I think I was fucking up his energy. It also seemed like he didn’t want me there or my energy was not welcomed. I felt it and saw it in his demeanor. But, he liked my money so he dealt with it. I once told him and the lady that worked there that I worked with the goetias and they looked down upon it. :woman_shrugging:t2: It also happens at the nail shop I go to. The Vietnamese lady came up to me and looked my jewelry and told me there was bad demons in the shop. She then started burning incense lol. She also took pics around the nail shop and showed me the demons in the pic. She went into a rant about the energy and how she needed to protect her business.

The times I have gotten sick like you described, I used Florida water. Buy some Florida water and cleanse yourself (rub it in your head, back of your neck, wrist, etc. and cleanse). I also usually drink herbal teas or cinnamon tea. Put some Frankincense in your scent diffuser. release the negative energy through yoga. If it’s really fucking me up. I might go on a nature walk and release the negative energy and parasites during my nature walk with yoga moves. I once experienced feeling drained, sick, chest pains, etc. from these parasites for about a week. I just continued to cleanse.

Florida water is the shit. There’s YouTube videos on this. I love to use Florida water when cleansing.

Thank you so much for your answer, it makes sense.