Feeling sick after giving thanks

I am kind of wondering if it is normal to feel nauseous when trying to communicate and build a relationship with a spirit. I am feeling sick again, this is the third time this happens. I am also very physically sensitive if that makes any difference. I have been trying to build a relationship with the spirit Pomba Gira and I really love her energy.

I get a lot of signs from her too, so I feel a connection is there and is happening. The only thing is I am not following steps or rituals, mostly just trying to do things like gifts and candles. I know people have certain ideas and rules but I like to learn like this from experience. I do bear in mind her reputation.

I am not doing this for my love life this is for my personal development. I don’t know if I should move on to another spirit, or try to go more by the book. I do not think the spirit is trying to harm me either. I just don’t know. I usually work with the archangels but wanted to try something else.