Feeling of intense energy when chanting demonic enn

When you are chanting a demon’s enn and you begin to feel a rush of energy, what is that exactly and how should it be interpreted?

Is it simply an indication of their presence? And if so, if I chant a particular enn until I feel it, is it rude to not say anything or make any request? If I just chant it regularly because I like how it feels, do I gain anything from that energetic rush if I can’t hear the demon’s words ?

Is it like calling someone on the phone and then not saying anything when they answer?

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You’re attuning to their energy with the enn. You’re not used to it, so the effects are more pronounced. That’s really it.

Not unless your intent was to call them or they came calling on you.

This will fade, so just take it as it is. You’re over-analyzing it. I have a tendency to do that, myself.

If you didn’t ask them to come, then why would they be offended? If they show up on their own, that’s on them.


When you chant the enns you prepare the environment energetically for the spirit you’re making contact with.

That light headed swirl feeling is the moment when you tuned in to the spirit. He’s aware of you and youre aware of him.

From this position you can conjure the spirit (evocation) or make a petition to the spirit and know you were heard.