Feeling of Fear while getting into deeper Meditation

Hello everyone,

i hope this is the right part of the forum for this. If not I am very sorry and new here.
I wanted to share what happened to me while meditating the last to days and wanted to get an oppinion or advice on it.
For the last few weeks I was just meditating for about 15 min each day before going to sleep but felt the ever increasing notion, that I am getting somewhere but am cut off by the 15min alarm. Because of that I tried to increase the time 2 days ago to a longer session of an hour. After about 30 min I lost the feeling of my body or rather it felt like a flat mass. Then I felt like something was right beside the left side of my head and it felt like a rattlesnake or puff adder was coiled next to me looking at me. In my confusion I imagined it biting my neck and got a really dreadfullk feeling. After that i calmed myself down and felt like the snake was just looking at me. I imagined it on my chest and felt a force press down and a heartbeat. Shortly after I ended the meditation kinda confused.
The day after I had the same feeling of a numb flat body and suddenly looked through a strangers eyes sitting in a light room surrounded by a few people yelling at me but looking kind of concerned. I got the same feeling of dread again and forced myself out and went to sleep.
Do any of you had the same feelings of confusion and fear while meditating? Any advice on how to handle it and go further/deeper?


Well i might be fishing in rhe dark here but i have a hunch about the snake now. I read 2 much the last few days and was a bit fatigued by it so i stopped. I think someone wants me to go back to read again. The book (see picture) was the one lying on my bed just beside where i percieved the snake. Saw it yesterday and couldnt stop but laugh at myself.

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