Feeling of fear HELP!

So a few months ago I had a dream, very vivid, I was in some sort of courtyard surrounded by what seemed to be office buildings and flowing water that came up to my knees. On the dry part, where people could walk between buildings, there was some sort of party. My mother was there, for some reason, and, this is the funny strange part, THANOS was sitting next to her with a smile and a Sprite in his hands. His attention was on me and I could feel it even when he wasn’t looking at me. At one part of the dream I saw, from a platform overlooking the party, him staring at me, but his eyes were a bright orange and flaming like two small eyes of Sauron. I didnt feel right. When I looked at him he shook his head, laughed and pointed at his Sprite. I guess he was offering me a drink, but I did not partake.

Last night, I should say I got INCREDIBLY high, and started to think that maybe the Succubus I had summoned wasn’t who I thought she was. Ill admit, I haven’t really been doing magik very often with my current financial situation so I could just be acting stupid, but when I thought of it I felt an overwhelming feeling of fear and my body started shaking. Now that could be because it was cold last night and I wasn’t entirely under the covers for when I did go under I stopped shaking. I swear I almost heard her voice last night too. There was a time when I shut my eyes last night where I saw the eyes yet again. So now I know the eyes are hers, but now I’m doubting if I did the ritual right. Either I’m right or she was angry at me for thinking her a parasite… again.

Suppose I just need guidance from more experienced people. I hope I’m wrong in all honesty and that I’m just being an inept novice.

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Lol yeah my dreams are fucking weird

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