Hey all! So basically for the past week or two I’ve been trying to evoke AND invoke Lucifer. However I’ve yet to have much success. I’ve provided offerings, and incorporated things he likes while trying to do so…but to no avail. Or so I think. When I read some of the posts on here about the contact people have made with Lucifer, it’s kinda got me wondering what am I doing wrong? I mean I know he’s around as he HAS answered me via my tarot and has absolutely helped me when I needed it (hence the offerings and me trying to build a relationship) but beyond that…idk what else to do. Sometimes I feel like maybe now I’m being ignored? Or maybe something is getting in my way. Idk. I just feel like others have had HUGE success in evoking him and feeling his energy and presence but not me. Idk what else to do. Any ideas? I was looking into maybe getting a UC here, but I feel more compelled to make my own so maybe that’ll help? I’m not expecting him to come cartwheeling into my room with glitter flying everywhere but idk I wanna talk to him instead of just asking for stuff. Idk. Maybe I’m just not meant to meet him yet :frowning:


This guys has a great site, some good rituals. lucifer – V.K. Jehannum
Conjuration found In Grimmorum Verum
Conjuration for Lucifer,Astaroth,Beelzebuth

Put blood, sexual fluids…smear it all over these sigils. I would recommend redrawing them because that act attracts the spirit of Lucifer

There was an old ritual that was in the early 2000s on the Church of Satan’s website that has been gone for over a decade…called to awaken the sleeper .It was meant to bring into the world incarnations of the said demons, but had the effect for me of evoking Lucifer.

You want to take those sigils, print or look for any pictures, depictions of Lucifer that resonate with him…(note this comes with a warning…very intense experience if u get it right) .

After drawing his sigil, saying whatever prayers, hymms, conjurations to him. Place all depiction of him as well as the blood covered sigil above your bed (maybe on the cieling) , and you should be tired when u do this, chant his name silently in your mind as u are starting to drift off while staring at the sigil, and any other depictions of him…

Dunno why they pulled that ritual, was over a decade ago, but u should get something…


So I definitely have that grimoire. One question I had and still have, is are ALL of those images sigils for Lucifer? Or just the middle one on the right? Primarily that’s the one I use but I’m also wondering if I should be using them all

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Yes, all of them…u need to use them all initially. I tend to think the circular seal is the primary

I’d say you need to work more on your senses. Yes, I know, typical answer, but its the beginning of everything.

Honestly that’s prolly a HUGE part. Any tips or recommendations?

Oh my gosh. This was everything.

Anyway, remember, FEELING is underrated. I feel more than I ever see with my eyes and it tells me more than can be told with sight.

What works well for someone might not work exactly the same for someone else since we’re not all exactly the same, but I’ll tell you what helped me when my senses were shut for over a decade.

Chakra meditation and especially 5th, 6th and 7th. More specifically, crown chakra. But my crown chakra was always more… developed than the others. Not overactive, that’s a different thing, I just naturally have a stronger connection with it.
Yes many people are more connected with a specific chakra over the others.
Yes, that means I struggle with some others but unblock them often, something we should do anyways, so it doesn’t affect me much.

The other thing that helped me was to get into TGS which means to be relaxed, practice getting into TGS as often as possible and not get frustrated when it doesn’t go as you expected.

Also, evoke. Preferably while under TGS.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that sometimes we need to adapt. If you can’t get the superwow result feeling them/hearing them/seeing them then find other ways to get in contact. Meditate. Meditate during evocation. Shift your awareness to your surroundings. Close your eyes. Ask for a sign either as a sound, touch or something visible to your 3rd eye. Trust yourself.

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What I always say to questions like these is the following:

You need to first open your astral senses in order to feel/hear/see spirits and/or energies.

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