Feeling Like An Animal In A Human Body

Lately I have noticed I have been feeling more like an animal than a person when I become very angry, anxious, and stressed. Not just that but all my repressed emotions as well as desires have come 10 fold. I am hungry, angry, and I always feel like I am in heat looking for a female to impregnate. It’s like when it becomes too much, my brain shuts down from human to animal. I am impatient, agitated, and there are times where I just want to be out in the jungle and live like a predator because I seem to crave feeding my basic cardinal desires.

First of all, you are an animal. Humans are basically just spirits driving mammalian vehicles.

I think you have already answered your own question here:

Any primal emotion or desire that does not find a proper outlet will usually find expression some other way.



Yes, I think people often forget that we are animals as well. We may have bigger frontal lobes but we are still animals. We tend to try and separate ourselves from animals - but we are still one and the same in essence.


Have you heard of atavism? That is what your description reminds me of. It’s basically a return or a reversion to the more primal aspects of our being.

Next time you are in such a state, use your higher aspect, aka the more evolved frontal cortex, to separate yourself from it, and then try to communicate with it. The atavism will likely take on a primitive form within your mind that you can talk with. Ask it why it is coming forth. Maybe it has something to tell you, or to teach you. It’s the deepest ancestral part of ourselves so make it your friend and ally, maybe even merge with it, integrate it. It has a power that should be possessed


I’ll give it a shot

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This rapid emotion seems to take one a form that is werewolf like but has the a serpent’s tail with a scorpion’s stinger. It also has a rooster’s foot. It seems to based on hunger, sex, and predatory aggression; Something interesting though, as I was writing this, there are been a view demonic names that popped up in my head. The first was Asmodeus with his association with lust and rage, then there was Valak because of his association with snakes, and Satan. I also thought about a demon named Amon when I gave the description. Another form I saw was a cobra with a rattlesnake tail. I will look into this more before any conformation.